Ed told us that he grew up in San Francisco. As a young boy he joined the scouts and went on a trip with them to a ski resort. Ed immediately fell in love with the resort, the ski lifts and skiing. At 18, he dropped out of school and went back to the ski resort looking for a job. He was hired to work on the lifts, a job he loved. While at the resort he met a teacher who was there with some of her friends. They got to know each other and eventually married. 3 months later he received his draft notice. After basic training, he was sent to Germany and a couple of months later, his bride joined him. When he was discharged (1 year, 7 months and 4 days later), they purchased a VW and traveled around Europe for 2 or 3 months. 

Upon returning to the States, Ed enrolled in Modesto Community College before transferring to Cal Poly where he majored in Architectural Engineering. One of his required classes was welding, which he knew quite a bit about. At the time, Cuesta was just getting started and they were looking for someone to set up a machine shop. Ed’s teacher recommended him and, once he set up the shop, he was asked if he could teach auto me-chanics. Of course he said yes. This led to him becoming Dean of Vocational Education, a job he held for 35 years. 

While at Cuesta, Ed hired a counselor from Long Beach State. She relocated to the Central Coast, purchased a home in Cambria and, shortly after, became Ed’s second wife. That is how Ed came to live in Cambria. 

If you have the opportunity, take some time to ask Ed about his life. He has a lot of interesting stories to share.