Janet Meyers introduced our speaker, Anne Wyatt, executive director of HomeShareSLO, a housing policy planner and former County of SLO planning commissioner. Anne enjoyed life in Cambria while operating the Bridge Street Inn from 1997 to 2011.

Anne began by telling us that HomeShareSLO is a local non-profit that facilitates home
share matches between those with an extra room and those looking for affordable
housing. The organization was started in 2017 as a service to seniors living alone in San
Luis Obispo County. There are over 11,000 single seniors in the county and probably just
under 500 in Cambria alone. The average income for single senior women is $1100 a
month. The program helps to share the ideas of home sharing, brings people and rooms together and performs extensive background checks on renters. A minimum income is required for home seekers and there is a multi-part matching process. Why home share? Besides the extra income, it can provide companionship, security, community building and likely allow you to stay in your home longer. For more information, go to www.HomeShareSLO.org.

It was a very interesting presentation. Thank you Anne.