PE Mary Ann Carson:

  • She was part of a team the went into caves to band bats.

  • She has had a fear of spiders ever since a tarantula landed on her arm

  • At one point, she volunteered to vaccinate live mink.

    PE Nominee Chuck Forester:

  • Growing up in Pittsburg, Roberto Clemente was his hero. On September 29, 1972, he attended the

    game when Clemente got his 3,000th hit.

  • Chuck was at the game on December 23, 1972, when, in a controversial play that is known as the “Immaculate Reception,” rookie running back Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers, another of
    Chuck’s sports heroes, grabbed a deflected pass from quarterback Terry Bradshaw to score a touchdown, winning the game for the Steelers 13-7 over the Oakland Raiders.

  • One reason Chuck relocated to California from Pittsburg was because of his love for the Beach Boys. He has been to three of their concerts and has been friends with Brian Wilson on Facebook since 5/27/15.

    PE Nominee Designee Dennis White:

• After high school, Dennis was invited to live with a friend’s family in Newport Beach provided he got a job. He did find a job at a local fast food place but was fired on his first day for dropping a weenie in the chili.

  • When his daughter turned 18, she suggested that they celebrate by going skydiving. Dennis, willing to do anything for his daughter, suited up and, at 14,000 feet, jumped out of the plane without a parachute.

  • Even as a boy, the future tree trimmer loved climbing trees. His next door neighbors had a large property with an avocado grove. He and his friend traversed the entire property without touching the ground by jumping from tree to tree.

    Have you guessed which were the truths and which were the lies?

  • Mary Ann is not at all afraid of spiders.

  • As much as Chuck wishes it were true, he was not at the game when Roberto Clemente got his 3,000th hit.

  • Dennis was not fired from his job at the fast food place.