EBERLE WINERY was not Gary Eberle’s first venture when he arrived in Paso Robles. After finishing his work at U.C. Davis, Eberle moved to Paso Robles and began his career by co-founding the Estrella River Winery in 1973 (now Meridian Vineyards & Winery). After several successful years at Estrella River, Eberle refocused his attention and desire to produce premium, small production wines. Moving only a few miles towards down- town Paso Robles, Eberle soon started his own prestigious label which debuted officially with release of Eberle’s flagship wine, the 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon.

When asked about his policy of giving veterans a 40% discount, he explained that, after a football injury that curtailed his career with the Detroit Lions, he decided to join the Marines. He was turned down because he failed the physical. Seeing the way veterans returning from Viet Nam were treated, he decided he wanted to do something to show they were appreciated. He has also extended that policy to law enforcement.

Today, as guests arrive to visit the Eberle tasting room and take guided tours, they are greeted by Gary’s two standard poodles, appropriately named Roussanne and Sangiovese, as well as the famous bronze Porcelino (Wild Boar) statue, a replica of the original in Florence, Italy. And, after 35 years of fine winemaking, the Eberle logo remains the designated ‘small wild boar,’

the literal translation of the German name ‘Eberle’ into English.