Bob told us that, thanks to the brainstorming sessions of the Cambria FireSafe Focus Group, Cambria, with its aging forest of shallow-rooted, native Monterey pines, is an official FireWise Community, which means those brainstorming ses-sions are paying off in terms of town-wide readiness and education, available grants and other benefits. However, local fire experts and homeowners already are worrying about and trying to take actions to make their town safer. 

Bob has been a major player in this effort with his background as former Cambria Fire Chief and is currently the FireWise USA Representative for Cambria. We are thankful that Bob took time to put together a presentation for our club on how to be better prepared in the event of a wildfire. 

You can access Bob’s Power Point Presentation at Wildfire in the North Coast How can we be better prepared .pptx . Thanks Bob for helping us protect ourselves and our property against wildfires.