Andrew Boyd-Goodrich began by telling us that he has first-hand knowledge of the good that is done at Fig since his son works there. Being able to learn skills while earning a paycheck has been a life-changer for him. 

Andrew then introduced Program Manager, Erin Lawrence and Leslie, a host server at Fig. Before coming to Fig, Erin worked as a special education teacher in Templeton and was also a member of the Broad Street Brawlers Roller Derby Team. In addition to attending classes at Cuesta, Leslie also has her own greeting card company! 

Courtney’s House was founded in 2012 as a nonprofit resource center and began by offering social and enrichment activities for adults with developmental disabilities. Job coaches support the interns as they learn a variety of skills and provide training opportunities that allow for a wide range of future employment opportunities. Having these individuals working in a setting where they work with the public helps to build awareness that people with disabilities can go out to work in the community. 

Fig is a full service restaurant in Templeton that is open from 9-3 Mondays through Saturdays.