Eduardo has lived in Vienna, Austria since 2007. Before joining the family coffee business in 2013, he was a career diplomat for El Salvador. 

Eduardo is the founder and managing director at Santa Cristina Specialty Coffees. He told us that SANTA CRISTINA GmbH is a family-owned business established in Austria in 2014, to directly import and supply their specialty coffees from El Salvador. They are dedicated to making a positive social and environmental impact at coffee origins through the establishment of direct trade relationships in Europe. 

Their Mission is to provide the highest quality green coffees in Europe for a collaborative, steady and positive impact to coffee communities at Origin, keeping social and environmental sustainability at heart. 

The company is based in Austria for its great business infrastructure, in support of the booming coffee culture in the region, and to offer easy access to quality coffee for roasters and coffee shop owners throughout Europe. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Eduardo’s presentation and will be expecting his Uncle Mike (aka Miguel Hernandez) to treat us to a sip of Eduardo’s specialty coffee when we finally get to meet again in person.