ppy Easter, Happy Passover... and happy one more day without killing your housemate or neighbor! I think if this goes on much longer rather than asking for a lifting of the social distancing requirement we’ll be asking to have it extended – to no closer than 100 ft!

I am doing very well – and I am grateful to the Dept. of State Hospitals for taking such good care of us so we can take care of others.

Aims of today’s program – Increase our resilience by strengthening our immune system holistically

Get us moving
Help us to relax
And To be inspired – I think we all need some of that right now.

1) Get us moving

During this time, we need to move! The circulatory system needs help getting rid of what needs to go! And we can help that by drinking plenty of fluids, eating nutritious foods, taking supplements, and getting our heart pumping!


Heaven has a special place for nurses, teachers, and social workers... and so many others that take care of us. Re- member to say thank you... a box of donuts doesn’t hurt either!

2) Help us to Relax
The fight-flight-or freeze response redirects vital resources away from the immune system, as it should for

20-45 min., but not for weeks, months, or years. (see yoga nidra handout)

3) And to be inspired
We can be angry and disappointed and sad about things that aren’t happening – and that is okay. But we can

also be part of the solution by helping out and by letting others know they are not alone.

We can start replacing the time we spend listening to all the bad news, and instead start spreading the news that we are here to help.

We can wake up with a sense of purpose – to help.

We can do what needs to be done to help those in need get through this to see another day – and get back to dancing, laughing, and back to being all they can be.

We are all experiencing stress in some way from this experience. We can honor that reality, and be grateful for what we do have, and set our sadness aside to help others.

...and in so doing, we will start to see our little town blues begin to melt away.

With all that said, I want to finish with sharing the song that has lifted us up so many times, and one that reflects the strength of the human spirit, perhaps better than anything or anyone else, as evidenced by 9-11, and that is the strength, the intelligence, the endurance, the resilience of our brothers and sisters in the big apple. ...and right now, all the places that are being hardest hit by COVID-19. Let them be an inspiration of what we all can endure and how we can all come together to help one another, not as male, female, or transgender, not as black, white, brown or yellow, not as Christian, Jew, Muslim or Buddhist, not as Republican, Democrat, Inde- pendent, Communist, or Socialist, not as old, or young, healthy or infirmed; but as human beings helping one an- other to get through this. Be well.