Janet Meyers introduced our speaker, Dr. Alex Erickson. Doctor Alex, along with his wife and fellow veterinarian, Casey Erickson, purchased Cambria Veterinary Clinic in January 2016. Dr. Alex is a second generation veterinarian, his father having been practicing for over 40 years. Alex literally grew up in the veterinary world since his dad’s clinic was right next door to their home. He jokes he was cleaning kennels soon after learning to walk. Alex attended Kansas State University and obtained his Doctorate from UC Davis Veterinary School in 2008. It was while at Davis that he met his future wife, Casey. The are the proud parents of 4 year old Nora and 2 year old Thomas.

Dr. Alex began his talk by inviting anyone with questions to feel free to interrupt
him. A number of our pet loving members did just that. Alex explained that cats
are usually considered seniors at 8 years while dogs depend on the breed. Arthritis is probably the most com- mon ailment in senior pets. Common symptoms include more sleeping than normal, pet stops jumping up to greet you, has trouble jumping into the car, going up or down stairs and doesn’t want to be pet (a sign of pain).

He explained that a Belgium study on senior pets showed that pets who had not seen a vet in over a year can be found to be suffering from numerous ailments that could have been prevented.

He also told us that there is no proof that grain-free diets are beneficial to pets. Fewer than 1% of dogs have grain allergies. He encouraged pet owners to look for foods that indicate they are good for your pet’s age group. Asked about cat food, he said cats do benefit from moisture so wet food or dry food wettened with water or broth is encouraged.

Thank you Dr. Alex for a fun (he has a great sense of humor) and informative talk.