Sherry Sim, Asst. DG and Pres of Rotary Club of Cayucos, introduced our District Governor, Sandi Schwartz. She described Sandi as the most personable, relatable person. She always has a big smile and a big heart and is not afraid to get dirty. Sandi has been a member of Rotary (Bakersfied East) since 1994 and was President in 2013/14, the year Bakersfield East was named Best Medium Size Club. She gained 7 members during her Presidential year, got a leadership award and attracted major donors. Sandi is a retired RN with 7 children and 11 grandchildren.

Sandi began by telling us how, when she as a Home Health Care nurse, she had to keep her lipstick in an ice chest because of the heat in Bakersfield.
She chose to join Bakersfield East because it had the oldest members and she saw them as possible future clients! She told us about a fellow club member whose wife committed suicide by drowning. Members of their club looked for her for 12 days before finally finding her body. She knew then that Rotary was where she needed to be. She quoted Sir Clem Renouf who said “Rotary takes ordinary people and gives them opportunities to do more with their lives than they ever dreamed possible”. Sandi experienced this first hand while walking the streets of India in 2004 with Bruce and Jane Howard for National Immunization Day.

District 5240 extends from North of Kern County, East to China Lake and South to Thousand Oaks. As of July, there are 72 clubs with a total of 3,249 members.

DG Sandi explained that she does not do her job alone. She has a wonderful staff consisting of Jacque Jans, her “Chief of Stuff”, Scott Phillips, Chief Operating Officer and, Melinda Westfahl, who handles the District calendar and scheduling. She, by the way is Mike Griffin’s sister. As DG, she reports to John Matthews, RI Director and RI President, Barry Rassin. A bit of trivia: John Matthews, who is retired from COSTCO, told her that parking spaces at COSTCO are wider than most other parking lots because the shopping carts are so much wider than others. Who knew?

Sandi puts a lot of emphasis on club retention. We have to be a club people want to be a part of. She also encouraged everyone to consider attending the 2018 District Conference in Bakersfield on October 5-6.

DG Sandi Schwartz presented Monty & Julia with a Major Donor Level 1 Award and People of Action Awards to Bonnie Cameron and Linda Sherman.

At the end of the presentation, President certificate showing a donation of $500 to Polio Eradication