Dennis Frahmann is a journalist, writer and award-winning marketer who grew up in small farming and resort towns in Wisconsin and now lives in the small seaside town of Cambria, California. He holds a B.A. from Ripon College in English and philosophy, and a masters in journalism from Columbia University. After an initial stint as a restaurant reviewer and reporter for Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, Frahmann worked in marketing for a variety of high-tech companies, including Control Data, Xerox, and Sage. He is currently Director of the Cambria Film Festival

Dennis told us that, when they started out, our goal was to create a film festival that celebrated our community and our shared love of film from around the world. That remains our mission. Admittedly, no one can predict with confidence what the world might look like in February of 2021, but we know one thing. If the Cambria Film Festival wants to host another wonderful year of outstanding films, we need to start now. It takes a full year to plan and execute. That’s why we’re sharing our thinking with our entire community of filmgoers, volunteers, screeners, and sponsors. We are committed to moving forward with our plans for a film festival dedicated to romance, romantic comedies and the complexities of love on February 4-7, 2021. We believe it will be good for our town and for all of us. With that in mind, we already put out a call for films on If you know filmmakers who may be interested, let them know about our festival and encourage them to submit. Screeners, get ready. In about 30 days, we anticipate asking you once more to start your watching engines. We hope life is closer to normal by then, but that you can still give us your time. Volunteers, we’ll keep you informed on our progress. We’re looking at new ways to make your experience even better, and we plan to host a special session for key roles in mid-summer. Passholders and sponsors, please keep the Festival in your thoughts and plans. Just know that your enthusiasm and support during our first three years resulted in reserves sufficient, even in these financially perilous times, to allow us to host a fourth year, even if we need to scale it back. Meanwhile, we will use our Facebook and Twitter pages to share weekly film recommendations. We plan to showcase films at the Cambria Center for the Arts on July 29 and October 21. And we’re exploring options for testing a virtual film festival later this summer. If all goes well, this will provide an alternative way to view some of our Festival films next February. In February 2021, we hope our Festival will be one of many reasons why locals and out-of-towners will want to spend time on this beautiful coast and celebrate that theme that motivates our programming . . . love is in the air. To give you a taste of that, I am happy to share our poster design for the 2021 Festival.