Danny Community Relations Coordinator Danny Danbom knows a thing or two about loss. In her young life, she has been the primary caregiver for her grandfather, her grandmother, and her own mother in their final months—each suffering from their own degenerative illness. "Watching their decline gave me the courage and the confi-dence to speak about illness and death," she said. "That's a trait most people struggle with." With a Bachelor's degree in Recreation & Hospitality Management and a stint in the finance industry, Danny (short for Danielle) brings a wealth of knowledge and a sincere desire to be of service to her current position at Sydney Creek. "l want to be the advocate our community needs," she said. "It's my pleasure to articulate who we are, what we do here, and how we might help." 

A copy of Danny’s Power Point Presentation is attached to this email. 


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Danny Danbon, Sydney Creek Memory Care