Paula was born Glendale Ca. in 1952. She moved to Africa in 2003, Mwandi Village in 2005 to concentrate their efforts on building homes for those most in need in the village, With the help of volunteers, they have built 199 

homes. They have been involved with education since 2007. Donors have sponsored over 35 

students through colleges many of them now have good paying jobs and a future. There are 9 

still in college and are always looking for sponsors to help. In 2017 they started working on a 

community school we started classes in 2019 and now have over 300 students from pre school 

through 4 th grade. 

In October 2020, Paula and her daughter formed a 501 c-3 American corporation, Compass Zambia, 

to help support Home For Aids Orphans. Survival and growth all these years has been 

fueled by volunteers coming to work on the projects. With covid this went away leaving them 

vulnerable, the new corporation has given us a much-needed boost and allowed them to continue 

working on the school, as well as to keep the staff employed. Paula took that time to finish writing a 

book about my life called Wings on My Heels- a life unraveled – By Paula Van Zyl. All proceeds 

go to Compass Zambia, to help Home For Aids Orphans. 

This year volunteering has picked up and they are again working in the village. But the school 

remains the most important aspect of our organization. They need to continue building as they 

have no place for the 5 th grade students. 

Paula joined the Rotary Club of Livingstone in 2009 served as Secretary for 2 years 2011-2013 

President 2013-2014 International Projects chair 2014 -2022. In June 2022 she resigned from that 

club and joined Mosi-oa-tunya Rotary club in Livingstone. 

Paula and Matt, her business partner since 2007 live in Mwandi most of the year. She returns to the US 

every year to raise funds and awareness as well as to visit my family.