Commander Nelson is a 21 year veteran of the SLO County Sheriff’s Department and is currently assigned to

the Sheriff’s Coast Station which covers from Ragged Point to Avila Beach. However, today is his last day in

that position and he will be moving to the Professional Standards Department which is similar to Internal


Commander Nelson told us that, in August, Sheriff’s dispatch received 520 calls from the Cambria and San

Simeon area. These calls can range from a report of a car accident, which is responded to by CHP or need for

medical assistance. During August there were 29 calls for disturbances, 4 burglaries and 7 theft calls. One of

the theft calls was for a pair of shoes stolen off a front porch. The shoes were recovered and the outlaw

apprehended! Interesting fact: burglary is committed when something is stolen from a locked car, business

or residence while it is considered theft if the car, business or residence is locked.

Cmdr. Nelson cautioned us to be careful of scams. Never give your credit card or personal information to

anyone over the phone. No government agency will ever request this over a phone call. And, never comply

with a request for gift cards to settle a debt or to purchase anything over the phone. He also said to be

careful when using a credit card machine to purchase gas or to take money out. Crooks are installing

“skimmers” in ATM machines so they can steal your credit card information and your password. Always grab

the credit card holder and shake it a bit. If it is a skimmer, you will know it if it moves.