Bake Sale

Youth Services Chair, Cynthia Woodruff-Neer, told us that she simply told the students the day and time for the bake sale and they took it from there. She told us to be prepared to be

impressed with the baked goods they created. She also thanked Bob Kasper for agreeing to, once again, be our auctioneer. He has been working with them throughout the week to come up with a way to do this virtually.


Cynthia introduced Interact students: Ava, Caiden, Crystal, Jasmine, Lissi, Sami, Shaidy, Violet,

Viviana and the Interact Advisor, Ayan Johnson.


After all the baked good were auctioned, the total raised was $3,255. Joan Broadhurst said she would like to donate an additional $45 to make the total an even $3,300. Then, Elaine Beckham told us that she is unable to each much in the way of sweets so didn’t bid on anything but she wanted to do her part so she donated $700, bringing the total to an amazing $4,000! As

Auctioneer, Bob Kasper said, this is why our club is the Best Rotary Club in the World!