Membership: Chairman Roger began by reminding us that our club thrives because

of its members. For various reason, some members have to leave the club and it

is up to every one of us to help to fill the void. We need to identify friends, neighbors,

family members that should be Rotarians but are not. Bring someone who may be interested

to lunch. We will take care of them from there. The District 5240 Membership

Committee has suggested that clubs send weekly letters to new members welcoming

them, explaining the Basics of Rotary, Avenues of Service, TRF and more. We

have begun that process and have sent the 1st 8 letters to each of this year’s new members, The letters will be

available for viewing on if you are interested.

Community Service: Sue filled in for Chairperson Sandy. She told us that Sandy specifically wanted to

thank all the members of the committee (listed on the attached slide show). This year, we have a little over

$15,000 to fund Community Service projects. Projects we normally fund fall into the following categories: Activities

for local youth, programs for families in need and assistance to other non-profits in Cambria and San Simeon.

But we need eyes and ears out there to let us know what needs there are in our community. So, if you know of a

project or if you would like to join our committee, contact Sandy or any committee member.

Peace Builders: Chair Paula told us that the District awarded our club with Peace

Builder status last year. Our focus is promoting peace and we will be having one speaker

each quarter as well as a peace quote at each meeting. We also sponsor a Peace Essay

Contest with high school seniors. Our biggest project is the Peace Pickets. The original

thought was that we would have 20 or 30 pickets to place around town. We wound up

with 105 pickets painted by students! Our goal this year is to have an additional 100 and

we are hoping to get artists to paint some to use as a fundraiser. We were recently honored

at the Pinedorado Parade where members marched with some of the Peace Pickets

that local students painted. Our committee members are Janet, Julie, Nancy McKarney, Joe, Otis, Gerry, Kate

and our newest member Shari McLean. We meet on the 1st Thursday of each month at 10 am on Zoom if you

would like to join us. Also, PDG Rudy Westerfield has established an E-Club of World Peace. If you would like

more information, let Paula know.

Neal Jensen Fellowship: Chairman Dennis White told us that Mike and Patty put together a group of

people to discuss the future of the Neal Jensen Fellowship which started over a decade ago with inspiration from

Neal Jensen, Mike Griffin and Bruce Howard among others. It is similar to the funding arm of the Paul Harris Society

and is designed to raise funds for our club endowment. Over $80,000 has been raised since it’s inception.

Committee members Valerie Ratto, Luanne Kittle, Linda Sherman, Joan Broadhurst, Miguel Sandoval and Miguel

Hernandez are working on a clear vision and direction for the future. One possible project that has been

discussed is planting a tree each time someone joins the Circle. If all of us could look 20 year out and see the potential

of an endowment that could really help the community, can you imagine what it could look like?