Community Service: Sue share that we really need eyes and ears out there to keep us up to date on ways we can service the community. Many of the programs we work with now were brought to our attention by mem-bers. Shari Long suggested asking people to bring canned goods to meetings so we can donate them. This is some-thing that was done in the past and was popular. Sandy Cho mentioned that there is a need for connectivity for kids with poor internet service. She volunteered to look into that for us. My connection was not good at all so I apologize for anything I missed. 

International Service: Julie told us ab out someone in one of her groups (could not get the name) who mentioned a report she saw about vertical farming that allows for 350 acres of growth in just one acre. This is something that would be extremely beneficial in places such as Zimbabwe and Julie plans to bring that idea to the committee. It was also mentioned that we aren’t keeping the club informed about projects the International Com-mittee is involved in and Julie promised to change that. 

Membership: Donna posed 2 questions to each group: What can we do to make Cambria Rotary more inclu-sive? i.e. in terms of age, race, ethnicity? What can we do to keep our members engaged? She also promised to deliver a bottle of wine to the person with the most creative answers. Donna reported that Chuck suggested we go to members who represent groups that are not well-represented in our club to identify possible members. Dick Cameron suggested asking our youngest members to identify possible members. Otis suggested finding ways to involve the Latino community such as a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Sandy Cho, a mom with 2 kids, suggested fami-ly friendly outdoor activities and collaborating with other groups. Elaine and Janet suggested putting ads in the pa-per telling people what we do. Rick Low suggested using our current members to go out and speak to people in the community about Rotary. Donna announced that she had selected Sandy Cho to receive the bottle of wine. Sandy promised to share it with possible potential members. 

Youth Service: Cynthia spoke about the possibility of having our Interact Club work with an international In-teract Club on a project. She also suggested a project for Interact related to mental illness issues among youth and getting youth more involved in arts and the community.