Mission Statement

The mission of Camp Ocean Pines is to foster enjoyment and appreciation of the natural world among people of all ages through creative activities in a residential camp setting.

Andrew took over recently as the Director of Camp Ocean Pines. He told us his life mission is to make people happy. Andrew is married and the proud father of two sons. His dad was a camp director so his love of this kind of work began at a very young age.

Camp Ocean Pines was originally founded in 1946 by Harper and Georgiana Sibley as a YMCA Camp. In 1998, it became independent of the YMCA,

retaining the Sibley’s original mission to provide programs
and facilities promoting nature and the arts by inspiring creativity, leadership, and spirituality. Today, the camp offers summer camp, outdoor education, creative workshops and private events in a beautifully rustic environment.

Camp Ocean Pines employs 9 year-round staff members and 5-20 seasonal staff. It includes 10 straw bale cabins each engineered for passive solar efficiency, and timbers and siding milled from our own wind-felled trees were used to construct them. By staying in these cabins, people experience facilities that use natural resources wisely. Our campus can house 100 guests.

We created our Coastal Institute program with the goal of getting students, parents, teachers, and participants of all ages outside, away from their devices, and into nature. We offer a number of outdoor education programs including a residential science camp program for 4th-12th grade students from public and private schools, adult professional development opportunities, and nature excursions for people of all ages.

“We’re Camp Ocean Pines and we love kids exactly as they are and want to help them
grow into who they want to be.” At Camp Ocean Pines we believe that Summer
Camp can be more than just a vacation. We've designed a new kind of program that
still feels like the traditional camp experience of an American summer. Our summer
program is technology free and based on 3 main goals for every camper: to connect, explore & grow. Last summer 500 children attended the summer camp.

Thank you Andrew and the Camp Ocean Pines staff for a great presentation about a treasure right in our backyard. For more information about Camp Ocean Pines, go to their website at www.campoceanpines.or. Or, better yet, just ask Andrew!