Dr. Joe, filling in for Chairperson, Paula Porter who was without electricity at the time, thanked the club for the opportunity to do a presentation about the Peace Committee. Joe said they are taking baby steps and getting their stride this year and part of that is to have programs where we have discussion topics. In the interest of predictability in this time when so much is unpredictable he gave us an overview of what we will be doing. First we watched a short video about peace. You can watch this excellent video at: 

https://youtu.be/6vuXEvhua1A . 

We then broke into groups to answer the following question: During the past week, what are some ways you have worked to create peace within yourself and/or with others. After each group met, one person was selected to share one of those peace cultivating practices with the rest of the club. After all the groups have shared, we reflected on some common themes that emerged. 

Group 1: Kate Perry shared that her mom died September 17th and theirs was a less than ideal relationship. She has been struggling with what will never be when it comes to that relationship. There is no small thing when it comes to being mindful about yourself and cultivating peace and being at peace. 

Group 2: Janet Meyers said that their group talked about the need for patience. Patience is so important to having peace in your life. We all find ourselves in situations where we lose our patience but we have a choice to be patient or not. To be respectful or not. To be kind or not kind. Being aware of that consciousness is very important. 

Group 3: Otis Archie talked about the importance of listening. By listening, people are being heard and by being heard, stress is relieved. 

Group 4: Julie Jenkins discussed the need to take personal responsibility for ourselves or where we are. While we have no control over what the other person is doing, we have control over what we are doing. Also, cancelling out some of the voices that come out through Facebook and other social media and instead finding your own worth. 

Joe finished by reflecting on the one theme he picked up on and that is “Slow down”. Paula added that peace really is an inside job.