Dennis Frahmann told us that the Festival showcases independent films from around the world that celebrate romance, romantic comedies and the complexities of love. The 2020 event will be their third year, the festival is 4 days long, there are 3 venues and more than 50 films will be showcased.

In 2019, nearly 2,00 seats were filled and VIP tickets sold out a month in advance. The 2020 even promises more films, lunchtime talks with the filmmakers and a Festival
Lounge. More than 3000 entries have been received from around the world.
And, for the first time, individual advance purchase tickets will be available.

Dennis invited us to a free screening of What’s Up Doc on October 16 at Cambria Center for the Arts. They will also be previewing some of the new films and you can get a jump start on purchasing tickets.

See for more information about tickets and sponsorships.