Richard Torchia introduced Bohdi Hodges, former librarian at Cambria Grammar
School saying that, in his 40+ years working in school districts. He has had his share of
librarians. But, when he met Bohdi, he found someone doing great things. Bohdi explained that a parent had come to her saying that her children had never owned a book because of the cost. Bohdi decided to start a book exchange so kids could take books home during the summer. The program was so successful, she decided to ex- pand it year-round. In addition, the students are taught to respect books and care for
them so they can turn them back in in exchange for a new book.

Jill Southern thanked Rotary for helping to make the library the center of the school and for helping to promote literacy.

Richard Torchia, Youth Service and Miguel Sandoval, Community Service presented Bohdi and Jill with a check for $750. The club also presented a pile of books donate by our generous members.