Rebecca told us that a handbell is a bell designed to be rung by hand. To ring a handbell, a ringer grasps the bell by its slightly flexible handle - traditionally made of leather, but often now made of plastic – and moves the arm to make the hinged clapper inside the bell strike. An individual handbell can be used simply as a signal to catch people's attention or summon them together, but handbells are also often heard in tuned sets. Rebecca enjoyed playing handbells in the Bay Are for many years, with Bay Bells, Low Ding Zone, Bell Appeal, Arioso and various churches. Now that she lives in Cambria, she has presented workshops and concerts throughout San Luis Obispo County as a vocal and bell soloist, and also performs with ringing partners. She was very happy to be joined by one of her favorite bell ringing partners, Judy Zaretzka.

Rebecca explained that the original bells were made in England in 1701-02 to enable tower bell ringers to practice in more comfortable spaces than the often cold and wet bell towers. She also explained that bells can only be played in one direction. Handbells can weigh as little as 7 oz or upwards of 18 lb. Bell ringers often wear special leather gloves to protect their hands and to prevent oils from tarnishing the bells.

Rebecca said she can customize programs or presentations to audiences and events. She can be contacted at 40-307-9616 or by email at

We were treated to a wonderful bell ringing concert. Thank you Rebecca and Judy.