PE Patty Griffin started the presentation by asking everyone to submit a photo of themselves in the ‘70’s for our April contest. Patty then said, even though it is not the favorite part of her job, she is coming to us again asking for support of our next fundraiser, Ping Pong Palooza by encouraging friends and family members to purchase ping pong balls. If you are on social media, consider posting about the fundraiser. 

What were you doing in the summer of 1971? 

Patty: Loaded her horse along with 10 others into a rundown trailer and rode to King City to participate in a mini-rodeo. 

Dr. Joe: Spent the summer at the Jersey Shore as he did every summer. 

Joan: Took the bar exam and found out she passed it, went out to celebrate with friends and met her husband! 

Sue R: Rented a house in the Hamptons with friends and spent every weekend there. 

Bob K: Since he was 4, he was living in Buffalo and probably playing in a sandbox. 

Ed Pearce: Retired from Cuesta after 38 years. 

Cynthia: Was 11 years old got her first passport for a trip to Japan the next year. 

Mike G: In his 2nd year at Humbolt State. 

Dennis R: Just finished first year teaching, Linda was planning their wedding while he was sailing with a friend. 

Shari: Graduated high school, packed everything she owned into her Triumph Spitfire and moved to Cayucos. 

Otis: Baled hay for the first time but showed up the first day in shorts and a t-shirt. 

Linda S: Took a canoe trip on the Wisconsin River before beginning graduate school. 

Gerry P: He and Paula and their joined her parents in Newport Beach. Paula & her dad would make fresh fish and scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning. 

Mary Ann: Worked in Yellowstone Nat’l Park for the summer then took a road trip to CA with friends. 

Nancy M: Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A week later moved from Ventura to Oceanside. 

Christel: Was mother to a 6 mo old boy, her husband was just promoted to Captain in the Army and headed to the National Security Agency in Washington DC. 

Bob P: Had just finished sophomore year at Napa HS and spent 2 weeks at Whiskey Town Lake in No. CA, hiking, skiing and dirt biking. 

Judy S. Was mother to a big furry cat named Pierre who got skunked. She took the cat into the shower and poured tomato juice all over it. The cat hated her after that. 

Steve O: We adopted our oldest daughter Nicole. 

Janet: 1971 was a bad year because her mother passed away in July. 

Roger: Moved to Marina Del Rey, bought a Pinto and went to Europe. All this on $12,000 year. 

Chuck: Was 15 yrs old growing up in Pittsburg, took a vacation in Stone Harbor, NJ. Every night they would listen to the Pittsburgh Pirate games on the car radio. The Pirates won the World Series that year. 

Rick Low: attending Cal Poly, inner tubing down the Nacimiento River with large bottles of wine. 

Julie: Got involved with a local theatre group at Penn State working on You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. 

Elaine: Was a 25 yr old single lady living in London sharing a flat with 4 others. Was a bridesmaid 4 times. 

Nancy B: Moved to San Diego from Connecticut where her twin brother was trying out for the SEALS.