Jay (with Pat manning the video) told us about how they have travelled 15 different countries in their Model A. In 1999, the Burbank’s went to Baja and met up with a group of Model A enthusiasts that enjoyed travelling the world in their antique cars. It sounded like fun, and we know Pat & Jay are always in the market for fun, so they signed on.

Their first trip, in 2001, was to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein and Italy. There were over 50 cars on their tour. On September 11, while in Germany, they heard of the terrorist attacks but, realizing there was no way they would be able to get a plane ride home, decided to continue on their trip. They were approached numerous times throughout the trip by Europeans wanting to express their sympathy to this group of Americans.

In 2003, 24 cars, all driven by veterans, travelled through France and Monaco. They put a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Normandy. When they arrived in Monaco, the parking area outside the casino had been reserved for their 24 cars.

2004 found them in Australia where they drove Nullarbor Plan, 1500 miles of desert. At one point, they drove 90 miles without turning the steering wheel. While in Cape Leevwin, the most south-westerly mainland point of Australia, between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the price of gas was $9 per gallon!

In 2008, the group toured 5 provinces of Canada and in 2012, toured Canada and the Pacific Northwest . 2013 brought them on a drive along the Lincoln Highway and in 2014, on a tour

of Utah’s National Parks. Lest you think all this travelling wore these two out, in 2017, they made a trip to Spain and Portugal and then decided to embark on a trip through Gold Rush country.

Thank you to Pat & Jay for a very interesting and fun presentation.