Peace Committee Chair, Paula Porter told us that this year’s plans are about Pickets, Poems and Rocks

The Cambria Grammar School Peace Leader Program was started in 1998 by a team of teachers and parents as part of a county-wide consortium. The program was originally called "Paxis" which means Peace. The Peace Leader Program is based on the belief that academic achievement and school safety will improve with a positive common language that encourages respect and personal responsibility. Teachers Mrs. Kathy Quigley and Ms. April Benham were fired up and ready to go. Their enthusiasm was contagious and soon the Keys to Peace and the Peace Promise became a part of every student's vocabulary. 

Peace Council Representatives are selected from each class to participate in Council meetings. These 1st-5th grade leaders plan school-wide activities, create project samples. and promote events with posters and bulletin boards. Activities spread messages of empathy, kindness, gratitude, family, friendship, and Peace. 

5th Grade Peace Leaders, Annabelle, Kathy and Miguel from Ms. McCarthy’s class and Kat, Sandy & Chase from Mr. Sassaman’s class recited the Peace Promise then each student told us about various projects and activities the Peace Council has planned for this year that follow the Keys to Peace: Honor good acts, Offer help, Stop harm and blame, Make amends, Find trusted guides and Strive to improve. 

We were then treated to a video of 2023-24 RI President Gordon R. McInally’s speech about peace at the recent RI Convention. You can see the speech at 


Peace Hand