To the tune of Charlie’s Angels, Linda (played by Heide), Patty (played

by Janet) and Christel (played by Rick) came onto the stage to tells us about

their memories of Patty’s Presidential year.

Retro Patty (played by Dr. Joe) told us that is was her 6th birthday and her mom gave her

a diary as a birthday gift. “Dear Diary”, Patty wrote, “I dream of going to California, becoming

President of Rotary, marrying a tall, handsome man with a moustache, I’ll have lots of

dogs and a pottery shop. And, my best friends Linda & Christel will be with me.”

Mature Patty (also played by Joe): “Well, Diary, it’s been many years

since I’ve written. I married the man of my dreams, I am a successful potter, I’ve been President

of Rotary. So, what’s next? It’s time for me and my friends to just have fun!”

Enter Rotarians dancing to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

Patty was then treated to messages of love and congratulations from her sister,

“Congrautlations. We are so proud of you”; Her son told her “aside from being a

great President you have been a wonderful mom”. Co-President Christel thanked

her for getting us over every bump in the road and promised to see us in a few


PP Chuck presented Patty with a Rotary Citation, awarded by Rotary International to recognize

clubs for all they do throughout the year. Only the best clubs are recognized and, out of 70 clubs in

our District, only 7 received the honor for the 2021-22 Rotary year.

Patty told us she was blown away! She said she has such gratitude to all for our resilience, friendship

and hard work. “You guys, we made it!” she exclaimed.

Such a fun meeting. Special thanks to our honorary director and choreographer, Otis for another

great job!

A Celebration of Patty