Cynthia Woodruff-Neer, Youth Services Chair, thanked her committee for reading and judging the 4-Way Test essays. Julie Jenkins, Philip Sullivan, Sue Robinson, along with Cynthia, had a huge task considering how good this year’s essays were.

She also thanked Whitt Donaldson, Santa Lucia Middle School Language Arts and History teacher and 4-Way Test Advisor, and Suzanne Kennedy, not present today, but who proofread essays and encouraged students. She also thanked Kyle Martin, Santa Lucia Principal and Coast Asst. Superintendent for his support and surprised him with a check for $500 for the middle school

literacy program.

Each of the three winning students read their prize-winning essays:

3rd place—Camilla Torres—-about jealousy over best friend. $50

2nd place-Estrella Merced—-regarding stealing a dollar from her mom’s purse $75

1st place—Condee Seed—-regarding lying to her teacher about talking in class and betraying her friend by blaming the talking on him. $125

District Chair of the Four-Way Test Steve Geil presented $200 and a certificate to Condee for her essay which ranked second in the entire district! NOTE: Condee actually won first place but, due to a clerical error, was given a check for second place. That error is being corrected. Congratulations Condee for having the best essay in the District! Quite an honor!