Mark Ober told us that it was his privilege to work on

the 4-Way Test Essay project. He thanked Whit Donaldson,

Middle School Language Arts teacher and

Laura Weaver, CUHS English teacher for encouraging

their students to participate. This was the first year

that the high school participated and, even though it

was a voluntary assignment, 18 students participated.

He also thanked Donna and Julian Crocker, Lorienne

Schwenk and Nancy McKarney for reading all 43 essays

and selecting the 6 winners. It was not an easy

task! The students had to expose themselves by telling

about mistakes they have made and how they

might have done things differently had they known

abut and followed the 4-Way Test. Each student did a

commendable job. When the students were reading their essays, you could hear a pin drop in the room.

These kids sure made us proud.

The winners from the Middle School were: Kevin Merced, 3rd place; Weston Gustafson, 2nd place and,

Dereck Quintero, 1st place. At the high school, the winning essays were Ethan Wade, 11th grade, 3rd

place; Shanyra Cardenas, 11th grade, 2nd place andSean Schalk, 9th grade, 1st place. Ethan Wade was unable to attend because he was at RYLA