President Elect Chuck Forester gave us a rundown on his President Elect Training Seminar (PETS). All PE’s are required to attend this training which is held every February in Los Angeles. Presidents Elect in Zone 26, which includes Central & Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada and Hawaii, all gather for 2 1/2 days of extensive training in a festive, upbeat, well-orchestrated atmosphere.

The Rotary International President for 2020-21 is Holger Knaack from Germany who an- nounced the theme for next year: ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES. He explained that there are endless opportunities to both members and those we help. The group was also introduced to Deb Linden, 2020-21 District Governor for our district, 5240 and Assistant District Governor for our Group 11, Jane Howard.

During the mandatory sessions Chuck attended, he learned that growing and sustaining Club Membership is of upmost importance. Without members, it becomes difficult to support the Avenues ofService. Chuck feels that, if everyone really knew what we do and the spirited fun in which we do it,
sustainable membership and project financial support would be lifted immeasurably. It is importantto establish an unmistakable public image of what Rotary is and what Rotary does. They were shown a video from a Chili Cookoff put on by a Rotary Club. Attendees were asked “What is Rotary”. Some of the answers included “Something to do with old people in the military”’ “I don’t know. Public stuff?”; ‘Business minded people get to- gether for mutual benefit and charity”; “Old guys that like to have fun”; “Have events and take care of the city”; “Non-profit for children”; “Don’t they have tri-tip?”.

We need to enhance our image by using wearing our pins, use the Rotary wheel, the 2020-21 logo and/or “Rotary—People of Action” in all our social media postings and other marketing tools.

Chuck’s View/Conclusion:

  • We are doing most of what RI & District 5240 state we should be doing.

  • This is a testament to all of our past Presidents and members.

  • We ARE the Best Rotary Club in the world!

  • We should not try to “fix” things that are working well (which includes most of what we do).

  • To keep what we have and remain as vigorous and impactful 5-10 years and beyond, we should:

    •   Grow membership in a sustainable way—PR/Branding image so people will be asking us to join.

    •   Establish continuity for each Avenue of Service and Board position (successors in training for each).