An affiliation of the Rotary Club of Cambria Foundation, Inc.
Developed to allow donations directly to the RCCF Endowment Fund in support of preserving the ability to continue to support worthwhile causes through the years.
NEAL JENSEN FELLOWSHIP - $1,000 donation to our Foundation’s endowment fund. 
Thank you to the following Rotarians who have joined the Neal Jenson Fellowship.
Carol AlexanderDel CleggBob KasperDennis Richtmer
Otis Archie/Joe MorrowJohn EhlersBob kasperGreg Sanders
Dan BalfeMike GriffineRick D. LowLinda sherman
Elaine BeckhamMike & Patty GriffinPaul McdonnellTom Tierney
Joan BroadhurstPatrick HamptonNancy McKarneyDennis White
Bonnie CameronSharon Lynn HarveyEd PearceJim Zuur
Tim and Nancy CarrBruce and Jane HowardGerry Porter 
Christel ChesneyNeal JensenPaula Porter 
NEAL JENSEN CIRCLE - $100/year sustaining membership to our Foundation’s endowment fund.
Thank you to the following Rotarians who have joined the Neal Jenson Circle.
Chris CameronMiguel HernandezGail OrtenburgerMiguel Sandoval
Mary Ann CarsonBruce & Jane HowardMike O'SullivanJudy Schuster
Del CleggJulie JenkinsKaren PelleLinda Sherman
Matt ClevengerBob KasperRon and Kate PerryBally Singh
Donna CrockerRick LowDennis RichtmerBelinda Troutner
Chuck DevroedeJanet MeyersRoger and Sue RobinsonDennis White
Chuck ForesterPatty & Bob MinutelloLaudon RowenJim Zurr
Mike & Patty GriffinSue OberholtzerGreg Sanders 

If you would like more information about either of these Foundation Endowments or are interested in joining either, please contact Mike Griffin. 
NEAL JENSEN FELLOWSHIP - $1,000 donation to our Foundation’s endowment fund.