Speaker Date Topic
Patti Walker Oct 25, 2017
A Bookmobile for the County

Chairman of the Ventura County Library Foundation, Patti Walker will speak of the primary project of VCLF; to raise funds for a Bookmobile dedicated to serving all of the county, large employee centers, schools, and rural communities and how a Bookmobile is an important outreach tool, connecting new users and increasing awareness of the multitude of library services available throughout the county.

TBA Nov 01, 2017
Practical Relevant Leadership Skills


Rotary’s “Practical Relevant Leadership Skills” (a.k.a., Intro to Rotary) will be shared to our membership—newer members this is especially for you!  The goal of PRLS, begun in 1993, is to provide a set of training sessions wherein current and future Rotarians learn to become more effective. The 2 Oxnard Clubs and the Camarillo Sunrise Club will join our fun. Don’t miss it! 

After absorbing all that PRLS education, we need to celebrate! It’s a no-host meeting/social at 5pm at Sportsman Restaurant, 4426 Central Ave, Camarillo. Again, The 2 Oxnard Clubs and the Camarillo Sunrise Club will join our fun.

Razsa Cruz Nov 08, 2017
Spiders of the Santa Monica Mountains

A year ago, Nat’l Park Ranger Razsa Cruz spoke to us about the Nat’l Park System. We also heard about her passion for–of all things–spiders!? Come learn about the spiders of the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding areas. Ranger Razsa will introduce a new world of these spectacular and sometimes spooky creatures.

Timothy Lohman Nov 15, 2017
Forgery and Fraud

Detective Tim Lohman of the VC Forgery Fraud Unit is joining us to inform and educate about scams, E-mail fraud, mail theft and the current trends and cases they’re handling.  Of course, he will advise us how to recognize a scam as well as how to protect ourselves so we do not become the next victim.

Bob Harrell Nov 29, 2017
State of the Club

State of your club.  Have you ever wondered what state our club is in?  Yeah, California is an accurate answer. In this case, our Fearless Leader wants to expound on how we’re doing, what we’re doing and that on occasion it may seem so, but we are NOT in a state of confusion. Take it away Bob . . .