Speaker: Ryan Woods, Studio Movie Grill

The Studio Movie Grill is now open and manager, Ryan Woods, spoke to the club about the unique experience of their newest location. Whether you come early or stay late, they'll set the mood for a great night to socialize and connect.

The Studio Movie Grill has created an immersive movie-going experience with custom luxury recliners paired with laser projection, studio extreme large format auditoriums, and Q-SYS sound systems so you can enjoy this season's biggest blockbuster, take in a family feature, or host a private event. Service buttons are placed at every seat, so your server instantly knows when you need to place your order or need assistance, and they'll deliver your order directly to your seat anytime during the show.

After the meeting, Ryan distributed free passes. One more reason to come to meetings! 

Say cheese, gentleman!
We had a sweet little guest join us
(Bryan Oberg's baby girl)
District Awards
Service Project
Bob Parker

When and why did you become a member of Rotary? November 1986…Mike Cooper introduced me to Rotary and sponsored my membership…Like so many, I didn’t yet know the meaning of being a Rotarian yet and joined for business networking purposes…

What is your classification with our club? Technology Management Retired

Family information… SO and Life Partner, Gino Lozano for 7 years now…two adult kids, Alexandra (Alex), Property Manager in Fullerton and Dustin, Client Services Rep for assigned to the Oakland A’s in San Francisco…No grandchildren but Dustin is getting married in November, so stay tuned!

Hobby/What you do for fun: Just retired in February so still investigating this…we plan some travel…Rotary could be considered a hobby if not a vacation!

Anything that you would like to share…Proud to be a Past President of BERC, congratulations on a great year Christy and looking for an outstanding next year with Amanda! (never hurts to suck up!!)

International Projects for BERC

BERC has partnered with the Rotary Club of Moorpark (District 5240) on a global grant for equipment and training for the Gupta Cancer Hospital in Kolkata, India. The host Rotary Club is Victoria Kolkata Rotary Club in District 3291. This global grant has been approved by the Rotary Foundation (TRF) and the International Chair of this club (Jim Lewis) has done a number of grants with District 3291. 6 clubs in our district are cash partners, and BERC is a cash partner contributing $1,050. Once update and/or picture are available they will be shared with the club. Because we are an international partner, BERC will get credit toward our International Service Awards.

The second international project BERC is anticipating to support is the building of 320 rainwater cisterns in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. This global grant is in partnership with the Rotary Club in Simi Sunrise (District 5240). The International Chair of this club (Chas Wilson) has asked BERC to be a cash partner. Lee Carter is the project leader with the Rotary Club of San Miguel Midday in Mexico. The global grant application has been locked and will be reviewed by The Rotary Foundation (TRF). As of today, this global grant has not been approved. 29 Rotary Clubs, 9 Rotary Districts, 15 individuals and 4 Foundations are collaborating on this project. If approved, BERC will be a cash partner contributing $1,050. Once update and/or picture are available they will be shared with the club. This would also give BERC credit toward our International Service Awards.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Mark Ramsey
May 1
Melinda Westfahl
May 4
Scarlett Sabin
May 9
Gary Creott
May 17
Michael Burger
May 17
Ron White
May 19
Bryan Oberg
May 20
Scott Begin
May 30
Spouse Birthdays
Susan Begin
May 20
Li Gibbs
May 25
Ron White
May 1
Doug Amstutz
Jan (Sunnie) Amstutz
May 20
Jimmie Soto
Dilania Soto
May 20
Greg Braun
Ann Braun
May 23
Larry Moxley
Susan Moxley
May 23
Mark Ramsey
May 29
Join Date
Phil Franey
May 1, 1984
34 years
Susan Gill
May 1, 1997
21 years
Amanda Frank
May 3, 2013
5 years
Christy Swatzell
May 3, 2011
7 years
Steven Gibbs
May 3, 1991
27 years
Doug Amstutz
May 29, 1984
34 years
Fernando Aguirre
May 30, 2014
4 years


Greeter: Mark Ramsey and Christine Randall

Flag Salute: Steve Richardson

Invocation:  Scarlett Sabin

Visiting Rotarian:Terry Schroepfer

Reception Desk: Melinda Westfahl for Sandi Schwartz and Brian Sorci

May Reading Assignments
Page 12—Melinda Westfahl
Page 16—Quon Louey
Page 57—John Wilson

Melinda Westfahl Wardrobe Consulting

Michael Burger Probate Referee

Mike Brazzell

Michael Burger MAI

Christy Swatzell

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Russell Hampton
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