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Christy Swatzell
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The Bakersfield East Rotary Club was chartered on December 23rd, 1952. This year, we are celebrating our 65th anniversary! Our club motto for 2017-18 is "We are 65 and we care". 

If you can leave your stress behind for just one hour and are willing to have fun in the brotherhood and sisterhood of East Rotary, then you need to come to our meetings!


Christy Swatzell - President 2017/18


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June 2018 
Meetings In Review

On June 1, the 2018/19 District Governor, Sandi Schwartz, presented new information from Rotary and the responsibilities of the home club of the District Governor.

On June 8, Lynne Ashbeck of Valley Children's Healthcare presented on the construction of the new facility, called the Eagle Oaks Specialty Care Center. The 52,000-square-foot center will be located at Stockdale Highway and Allen Road and is scheduled for a fall opening.
June 15, Demotion of
2017/18 President Christy Swatzell
President Christy being presented with a beautiful engraved gift from the club. 
The official pinning of the Presidents
 Past President Dean Carpenter receiving the Rotarian of the Year Award.
Jimmie and Dilania Soto
Melinda Westfahl, Dan and Patty Giordano
Bruce and Claudia Keith
President Christy got her precious Sister Mary back
The amazing cast of the show
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Steve Richardson

When and why did you become a member of Rotary?  

October 4, doesn't quite seem that long ago. I wanted to be part of an organization that made a difference and had a community presence. Mike Burger was the one the introduced me to the club and it provided me a chance to meet people that I may not ever come across in my normal course of life.

What is your classification with our club?  

We have classifications?? LOL Banking- Business Development.

Family information.  

Here in Bako.... Ex-wife and 2 kids (Jacob 14, Taylor 11). Visalia is where my sister and nieces and nephews live. Brother (13 years older) who is in Texas with a bunch of my other relatives. My older sister (16years older) past in 2000.

Hobby/What you do for fun?  My interests are as follows:

Working out, playing soccer, and traveling with my kids.


Anything that you would like to share
Most people don't know I like to collect art and Vladimir Kush is a favorite of mine....also, I play in an adult kickball league.
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Arnie Johansen
June 5
Fernando Aguirre
June 8
Aaron Markovits
June 16
Frank Colatruglio
June 18
Jonathon Lifquist
June 20
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Stephen Watanabe
June 1
Mackenzie West
June 6
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June 24
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June 14
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June 15
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June 29
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Jose Pereyra
June 1, 2012
6 years
T. Glen Brown
June 1, 1994
24 years
Ron White
June 16, 2017
1 year
Terry Schroepfer
June 16, 1995
23 years
John Wilson
June 18, 2004
14 years
Michael Brazzell
June 20, 2003
15 years
Nina Palmer
June 27, 2014
4 years

Melinda Westfahl Wardrobe Consulting

Michael Burger Probate Referee

Mike Brazzell

Michael Burger MAI

Christy Swatzell

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