Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Leslie Golich

Good News 

  • Dave Plivelich's son Cameron was able to attend RYLA and benefitted greatly and has now been involved in the YES Program – Youth Empowerment Summit. 
  • Justin Leland reminded us about the food drive and encouraged everyone to bring in their canned goods next week to Rotary. 
  • Kristen Barnes gave a shout out to GiveBigKern which will be held on Tuesday, May 2nd.  Sign on and celebrate our local non-profits by pledging dollars $$ or volunteer hours.
We remembered our fellow Rotarian and Philanthropist that recently passed away, Marvin Steinhart.
A special shout out to the AMAZING Planning Committee for a rockin’ good time and fund-raiser HAVANA Nights.  We raised $49,838.60 which was more than double our original goal of $20,000.
Happy Birthday to our very own Ms. Tracy Kiser who chaired our HAVANA Nights fund-raiser even after saying she wouldn’t.  Tracy never turns down an opportunity to plan an AMAZING party!  Special thanks to the Schambaughs’ for hosting this event.
We honored our Waterman Foundation Scholarship Awardees from Bakersfield College and CSU Bakersfield with $2,000 each.  All were very grateful for the generosity of our Club.


How to Manage Millennials
Who would know better than or very own Ken Beurmann?  Ken provided a very high energy (and funny) program filled with tips and tricks on how to manage the ever-present millennials.  He shared the good, the bad and the ugly about this population.
The Good: they are optimistic, community oriented, team players and tech savvy.
The Bad: they are NOT critical thinkers, they are thin skinned, job hoppers and are poor writters.
The Ugly: The feel entitled, they lack work ethic, they have little ambition, they are lazy and selfish.
So, what can you do?
  1. Provide them with complete transparency.  They need to know WHY.
  2. Offer an Open-Door Policy.
  3. Have a shared vision, they need to SEE it.
  4. Make sure you have employee engagement.
  5. They must have respectful accountability and motivation.
Are there any good ones out there?  Of course, there are.  They have ambition, critical thinking skills and they are hard working.

Visitors and Guests

  • Michael O’Doherty visiting Rotarian from the Breakfast Club
  • Jeremy Moreno visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Nipomo
  • Kurt Wingate’s guest was his “partner” David Rous
  • Kristen Barnes’ guest was Alyse Braaten
  • Club Guests included:  Vanessa Hernandez, Regina Adams, Ana Chavez, David Hull, Gracelove Simmons, Walter Rivas, Heather Pennela and Cristina Gonzalez

Photos by Karen Goh:

Garro Ellis and Ken Beurmann

Speaking of Millennials... Rotarian Bob Lerude with scholarship awardee David Hull.
Happy birthday, Tracy Walker Kiser!
Students being awarded scholarships by the ROTARY CLUB OF BAKERSFIELD’S Waterman Foundation. Congratulations!
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