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Ken Beurmann
Invocation: Ken Beurmann
Flag Salute: Mike Willis
Song: Jim Baldwin
Greeter: Toni Dougherty
Roving Mics: Josh Sherley and Michael Lightfoot

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Ken Beurmann:
Ken is the CEO of TERRIO Physical Therapy & Fitness. TERRIO provides outpatient physical therapy services out of 14 clinics spread across Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Delano, and Fresno. 

Good News Announcements:

Pete Pankey commented on how cool it was today.


Past President Pat Collins informed the Club that he would be leading the charge because President Garro caught “District Governor Visititis.”  Past President Pat then introduced District Governor Savi to the Club, and said she was “absolutely gorgeous.” She corrected him by stating she was "drop-dead gorgeous". 
After the awkward introduction, Savi started the program by saying she was glad to “finally be speaking to a club that is older than I am.”  This statement greatly offended Past President Steve Sanders, but thankfully Savi clarified her remarks by stating our Club is 100 years old.  Savi then went into a brief history lesson of Rotary, and she mentioned other than networking and fellowship the third objective of Rotary was quickly established: community service.  Savi stated the first community service project Rotary ever did was focused on building clean restrooms in Chicago. 
Savi then gave a brief overview of the Four-Way Test which was established in 1932.  She said the Four-Way Test was created by a businessman by the name of Herbert Taylor, and that he implemented it in his company and then gave Rotary the right to use it.  Over the years the Four-Way Test has since been translated into over 100 different languages, and Buzz Aldrin even planted the Four-Way Test on the Moon (because he and Neil Armstrong were Rotarians, naturally). 
Savi challenged our Club to make the Four-Way Test personal (which may be hard for President elect-elect Jim Damien).  She said life is a journey, and she challenged the Club by saying if we as individuals follow the Four-Way Test then all of us will develop into great people. 
Savi concluded by stating Rotary helped form the United Nations after WWII, and then, of course, Rotary took on the cause of trying to eradicate Polio.  Savi stated that in 1975 Rotary International President James Bomar administered the first drop of the Polio vaccine to a little girl in the Philippines, and afterward a little boy who had Polio tugged on his pant leg and said: “thank you for helping my little sister.”  Savi then told the Club to stay humble, and she left the Club with this profound quote: “humility is the ability to be teachable despite knowing a lot.”
Don't miss this year's conference held at the Chumash Casino & Resort, October 12, 2019. For more details and to register, visit their website.
Despite the full plate of fried chicken, side dishes AND a slice of cake, Ken Beurmann remains rail thin. That won't last though, just ask table mate Steve Sanders.
Missing in action Rotarians, Greg Gallion and Duane Keathley, dropped by for a visit.
Jackie Maxwell, Assistant Governor, Region 2, Past President, Pat Collins and Savi huddle up before the presentation.
Michael George digs in as Steve Roach and Mike McCoy lag behind.
Rotarians fellowshipping.
The cool Hawaiian shirt table consisted of Larry Rider, Jim Baldwin and his brother Mickey.
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