Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Jorge Barrientos
Invocation: Jeff Chandler
Flag Salute: Justin Leland
Song: Mike Willis
Greeter: Steve Williford
Roving Mics: Justin Leland and Lizette Patterson

Jorge Barrientos

Jorge Barrientos is the director of marketing and public relations at Chain | Cohn |Stiles. He also serves on board of directors for a variety of community organizations including The Hub of Bakersfield, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (Kern County Chapter), Bakersfield Museum of Art, and Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Education Foundation. When he’s not working or serving our community, you can find him traveling the world with his wife Carla and their 1-year-old son Julian. 


On Dec. 12, 1980, American oil tycoon Armand Hammer paid $5 million at an auction for a notebook containing writings by the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci, a collection of scientific writings called Codex Leicester. It was sold to Bill Gates in 1994 for nearly $31 million. 


Jim Baldwin introduced his guest Shawn Kennemer, head of BARC. Lynnette Zelezny brought guest “Mike.”

"This 'Ol Job" Segment

We celebrate Rob Noriega’s 30 years since he first joined Rotary. Rob was raised in Bakersfield, attended the University of San Diego and UCLA School of Law. He’s married with four children. He became an attorney in 1987, and was first introduced to Rotary by Sheryl Barbich. He’s also a life-long Dodgers fan. Congrats Rob.


We started Rotary with the program first this week, and were honored to have with us Greg McCall, head coach for the CSU Bakersfield women’s basketball team, as well as Ty Outland, assistant coach. McCall reported that CSUB women’s basketball program is celebrating its 20th year. That’s 20 years of representing, not only our local university, but our entire city. Next year, the program will exit the WAC conference and enter the Big West, which will involve less travel since the Big West includes all California schools (including Northridge, Irvine, Riverside) with the exception of Hawaii. This year, the team is 7-3, and remains undefeated at home. McCall has two daughters, who both played at the professional level. How did he raise two professional athletes? “They listened to me … I was dad first, and coach second.” 
Ty shared that she originally chose to attend Long Beach, but after visiting Bakersfield, “It was like God spoke to me.” Today she is the all-time leading scorer at CSUB, and the first athlete from the university drafted into the WNBA. The program today, she says, is “full of growth.”
Thanks to Prez Garro, we learned how to properly use the credit card machine in the Salvation Army kettle over and over and over again.
Garro also shared with us a Rotary video regarding the stigma and superstitions of albinism in Tanzania, which is a genetic disorders that cause the skin, hair, or eyes to have little or no color. Since 2000, 76 Tanzanians with albinism have been murdered, and another 72 have survived attacks. More than 33,000 have albinism in Tanzania today. 
Sign up to ring the bell for the Salvation Army kettles, and sign up for the Christmas party!
The next meeting will be held off site: 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 19, at CALM. We are dark for Christmas (Thursday, Dec. 26) and New Year’s (Thursday, Jan. 2).
Greg McCall, head coach for the CSU Bakersfield women’s basketball team and Ty Outland, assistant coach.
Rob Noriega shares his experiences during the "What's My Job" segment.
In the middle of the Red Kettle demonstration, Eddy Pain decided randomly to get up and check out the Rotary banner at the podium.
After the video on Albinism, Justin Leland shifted uncomfortably in his seat next to me when he saw his partner Garro's YouTube history on the big screen.
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