Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Michele Chantry
Invocation: Sam Newland
Flag Salute: Ben Stinson
Song: Joe Hay

Visitors & Guests:

East Rotary: Michele Brown
Twilight Rotary: President Robin Paggi
North Rotary: President Dave Dobbs
Breakfast Rotary: President Jeff Haynes
District: Li Gibbs
Also in attendance to support President Justin was his wife Carrie and 3 lovely children.
Today was President Justin’s turn to have the Presidential Rotarian pin passed to him by Past President Ken, who was having a very difficult time giving up the gavel.
Past President Ken filled in for Michael George to announce the Waterman Foundation Scholarship Recipients. A total of over $34,500 was awarded!

The program

Justin's Epic Spiritual Journey on the John Muir Trail
President Justin promised this will be the only time he speaks of himself (You listening Ken?)
President Justin walked us through his long-anticipated trip up the John Muir Trail. Fully prepared, psyched up, geared up, and ready to be the first to fend off big black bears. He kept us all on the edge of our seats as he displayed photos of steep trails and views of never-ending beautiful mountains and valleys.
But he kept saying, "sadly, he never made it, he never made it".
After 2 days in, and altitudes reaching 10,000 feet, President Justin pondered on what this year’s Rotary Theme should be. As he climbed on, he began feeling "not well". He had a emergency Sat phone, which he used to text his wife just enough information to make her worry. Then fumbled around with the radio trying to figure out how to call 911 in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, some hikers closely behind who just happened to be EMTs assisted President Justin, who was now beginning to feel the full effects of the altitude and heat: numbness, heart palpitation, sweating profusely. (Or maybe it was just the thought of having to be Rotarian president a year too early. Who knows?)
A helicopter was called and he was airlifted to a hospital.
We are so fortunate to have President Justin with us and to share his emotional life-changing experience.
The new theme of the year…
(Just don't choose an adventure you probably have no business doing... like he did.)
Justin's price tag for a two-night stay on the John Muir Trail and the helicopter ride home equaled an all-inclusive two-week stay in Jamaica.
On the first day of his adventure, Justin wished he packed one of these instead of Top Ramen and Skittles.
The spectacular view from the helicopter was mildly dampened by the impending doom of a possible heart attack.
New member, Scott Hamilton, is a Beurmann Baby, and Beurmann babies never do anything regular Rotarians do, like show up and sit at the head table eating awkwardly while people stare at you.
The disappointment on new members' faces when they get the "Rotary Bag-O-Stuff" is priceless.
Mike Chertok got fined $100 for talking too much about his beloved Game Ducks.
Although the John Muir Trail wasn't quite as hot as THIS Nation Park's trails, it was still hot enough to cut President Justin's hike short. Can you guess the name of this National Park?
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
John Farrer
July 1
John D. Schuler
July 14
Ken Beurmann
July 15
Ray Watson
July 15
Jon Van Boening
July 21
Karen King
July 25
Ray Watson
July 25
Cindy Pollard
July 28
Sonya Christian
July 28
Kurt Wingate
July 30
Spouse Birthdays
July 2
July 29
Jeff Chandler
Susan Chandler
July 7
Join Date
Dave Whelden
July 14, 1988
33 years
Kristen Beall-Watson
July 21, 2016
5 years
Steve Illingworth
July 21, 2005
16 years
Steve Williford
July 21, 1994
27 years
Lynnette Zelezny
July 26, 2018
3 years
Larry E. Reider
July 27, 2000
21 years
Mary Castaneda
July 27, 2016
5 years
Cindy Pollard
July 28, 1994
27 years
Jordan Kaufman
July 28, 2016
5 years

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