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Leslie Golich

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Leslie Golich is the Director of Public Affairs and Brand Communications for Kaiser Permanente. She became a member of THE Rotary Club of Bakersfield in 2015.  She serves on a number of non-profit boards and enjoys volunteering in the community. She also enjoys supporting local theatre and swims for the Gold Wave Master's Program at CSUB.  She and her husband Greg have been married for 36 years and they have 2 grown children.

Invocation by Josh Sherley
Flag Salute by Ken Beurmann
Song by Ken Secor
Visiting Rotarian – Al Patel
Guests - Jennifer Williams was the guest of Mike Willis and Don Clark was the guest of Dave Turner
Good News and Announcements
  • The art on the walls of our meeting room have been provided by children ages 2-18, participating in the Summer Art Camp at the BMOA
  • Pat Collins sold his share of HP Sears to his Partner so that he can focus full time on being President Garro’s personal mentor and coach
Program – Today’s program was brought to us by our very own Ray Watson.  He’s already missing standing behind the podium, we just can’t seem to shake him.
Ray talked to us about the Travel Industry.  He started in the Travel Industry, opening an independent Franchise of Uniglobe International, in 1987.  There are 750 locations in 60 countries across the globe.  Uniglobe is a full-service agency, the largest in Kern County.  The agency has been honored with numerous awards including:  Agency of the Year, Highest Revenue for the Region, Fastest Growing Agency and many supplier sales awards. 
In the economic downturn in 2008-2009, the Airline industry lost all historical profits and have had to change the way they do their pricing and promotions.  They have been profitable since 2010.  There are several tools that the industry uses to manipulate prices and availability of seating. 
On Line Agencies (Expedia, etc.) only sell the cheapest seats or hotel rooms.  For example, you won’t find front of the plane seating when searching on Expedia.  Uniglobe has a very sophisticated system that they use to find the best seats at the best price.
So, does it cost me more to use an agency vs. booking by myself?  The only fees that you will be charged by using an agency like Uniglobe is a $30.00 Invoice fee for plane tickets.  For other services such as hotels, rental cars, tours, etc., the agency is paid a commission by the company that is providing those services.  So why not leave your travel plans to the experts?
Ray kept the boundaries clear and did not take this opportunity as self-promotion for his business.  As the Editor of today’s SPOKE, I’ll do that for him. I’ve been using Uniglobe for approximately 10 years, long before I joined the Club or even knew Ray.  Uniglobe has arranged vacations for us including China, Italy, Switzerland and our most recent 15-day European River Cruise this past May.  All our trips have been meticulously planned, tours arranged, cars/drivers when and where they were supposed to be and top-notch accommodations close to the action in all the cities we have visited.
While Girish is on a medical hiatus, this is pretty much the sort of photos you can expect of me.
So considering the presentation, I thought I'd share some cool locations you probably haven't thought of for an epic vacation.


Even backpackers who have " seen it all" in Thailand and Cambodia will be awestruck in Laos. Stunning waterfalls, soaring mountains and blazing green rice fields are best enjoyed at the Laotian locals' decidedly slow pace of life. Take a break from zip-lining and cave kayaking to join a yoga retreat or help out on an organic farm. The cuisine ― think sticky rice, papaya salad and fresh fish ― is worth savoring, too. Here, a hot air balloon flies over Vang Vieng , a jungle town and magnet for backpackers.


“Untapped” may be the best way to describe this coastal country between Iran and Russia. Start in the capital of Baku, whose Old City has UNESCO world heritage status as a rare example of ancient architecture. Then, move out to explore quaint rural villages at the base of the Great Caucasus mountains. Former Peace Corps volunteers have set up a network of local homestays to help visitors enjoy the country’s outer fringes, where paved roads are scarce but the land is lush.
Here, Baku mixes old architecture with glittering 21st-century towers on the Caspian Sea.


This island nation ― not be confused with its equally awesome neighbor, American Samoa ― includes 10 islands brimming with volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, swimming holes and beaches. Journeying to a natural ocean blowhole or diving deep into a cave pool is just the beginning. Down-to-earth travelers will enjoy its lack of fancy resorts, too.
Here, Swimmers hop into To Sua Ocean Trench, part of a larger area with natural rock pools and blowholes.

Papua New Guinea

One look at the water should make it, ahem, clear that this is a paradise. The U.S. State Department cautions that due to crime, an organized tour booked through a travel agency (Uniglobe) is the best way to explore this stunningly diverse and practically untouched country. (There’s little luxury involved, but it’s a trip of a lifetime.) Try a trekking tour along the rugged, mountainous Kokoda Track or journey to a sing-sing festival, at which Papua New Guineans display their many unique tribal cultures through music and dance. Here, Capital Port Moresby is beautiful from the air, though its crime rate calls for sensible precautions. Infrastructure is virtually non-existent outside PNG’s major cities ― another reason to book a tour (Uniglobe) rather than traveling on your own.

The Seychelles

Will and Kate honeymooned here, so you know the views are fit for royalty. This collection of around 115 islands in the Indian Ocean is basically a beach-y theme park, with inlets of every size and type. It could take weeks to see them all. Thank goodness there are both private island villas and casual B&Bs to stay in. With its pink sand and smooth boulders, Anse Source D’Argent is regularly praised as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Get there early in the day before other fanatics arrive.
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