Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Leslie Golich


Leslie Golich, a five year Rotarian, is retiring from her long time job at Kaiser Permanente and also from our local Rotary club. She'll be moving to Prescott, AZ. So, I shall say with a bit of sadness (and maybe envy), thanks for faithfully covering the SPOKE once a month for the last four years.

Don't miss it!! President Garro's demotion, this Thursday.

Immediate Past President Ray Watson along with Ben Taft, Jim Damian and Mike Willis, cordially invites Rotary Club of Bakersfield Members to the  Virtual Demotion of our Virtual President Garro Ellis.
Thursday, June 25th at 12:00 PM  in our normal zoom location of
Invocation: Jerene Battisti
Flag Salute:  Jordan Kaufman
Song:    Johnny Horton, the Battle of New Orleans in recognition that on this day in 1812, the War of 1812 was declared against Great Britain by President James Madison
No Visiting Rotarians or Guests
Rotarian of the Year – the one and only Mike Willie-Boy Willis for the outstanding job he did with the SPOKE.  His dedication and commitment, week-in and week-out, was unwavering.
Bako 717 Presidents Award goes to Mike McCoy for the outstanding job he did with Programs for the 2019-2020 year.  Thanks, Mike, for finding outstanding speakers for us EVERY week!

Good News & Announcements

  • Win Eaton shared that in a 5 to 4 decision regarding DACA.
  • Mike McCoy announced that he was able to purchase both bars from Noriega’s, with the help of Sheryl Barbich, they were able to raise the necessary funds within 24 hours. The bars will be in the Trolley Room at the Museum and it is rumored you might still be able to get some scotch if you belly-up to the bar. In addition, Mike is looking to also obtain the Neon Sign from Noriega’s.
  • for Prez Garro, the King of the Bako 717 Downtown Club is toppled this week, June 25th.  You don’t want to miss this one, ZOOM in and check it out!


Our program today was Matt Constantine, Director of Kern County Public Health Services, who shared the current state of COVID-19 in Kern County.  We are averaging about 80 cases per day and we have had 58 deaths, approximately ½ of those deaths have come from one Skilled Nursing Facility. 
The stay at home order is still in place and earlier in the day, the Governor announced that face coverings or masks will always now be required while out in public.  We have given people an inch and they have taken a mile. We must remain diligent and keep up our efforts as cases are on the rise.  Current modeling shows that we may not hit our peak in hospitalizations and ICU patients on vents until February of 2021.
There are 19 Skilled Nursing Facilities in Kern County, all are privately owned and are governed by the State.  The State has not done enough to crack down on these facilities to ensure they are doing everything possible to stop the spread of COVID.  In one facility, it became so bad that the staff walked off the job and the State had to send a team of 30 people for a month to ensure the residents were being cared for. 
Matt asked for our Members help in using our influence and positions in the community to help spread the word about the need to not let up, COVID is far from over.  He is filming several PSA’s, showing local leaders, who can help carry these messages.  If you are interested, you can contact Matt at the Public Health Department.
Closing Comments
  • Incoming President Ken announced that he was successful in obtaining a matching grant from the District for the Food for the Front-Line program. Hodels served up 250 meals for employees at Memorial Hospital.
Ken and the Executive Committee are working on a strategic plan for re-introducing in-person meetings.  He is hoping for the 1st in-person meeting to be on July 9th at Hodels in their large banquet room.  Proper social distancing will be in place as well as other precautionary measures to keep everyone safe.  ZOOM will still be available for those not comfortable about meeting in person at this time. 
Pretty good crowd of regulars.
President Zelezny puts the bling to the background.
Mary Barlow with her building for a background.
Ray Karpe, a head above the rest. Sort of.
Eddie Paine, the transformation is almost complete.
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