Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Mike Willis
Due to the fact that "Give Big Kern" starts tomorrow- I am sending out this issue of the Spoke without my Proofing Committee's blessing. I apologize in advance for any typos or inaccuracies.
Invocation: Josh Sherley
Flag Salute: President Garro

Good News & Announcements:

President Garro started the meeting off with "This Day in History". Today was the day Hitler killed himself in a hidden bunker. So, it qualifies as a "Good News & Announcement" too.
Mike George weighed in on the Waterman Fund grant. We got about 15 applications and ended up awarding all $30,000 to the Golden Empire Gleaners for capital improvements. One of the more pressing necessities are 54 busted out windows. Sounds like they're going to need every penny!
Today, Garro Got Down to Business with Dr. Shambaugh. It was interesting, but I missed some of it when I went to the fridge for a beer. Sorry doc! Cool fact: he attended college in the Caribbean.
Earlier in the week, Pat Collins and Mike Willis went around and handed out some Bonus Grant Checks.
The Waterman board decided to grant $10,000 to three organizations: Dignity Foundation, Memorial Foundation, and the Homeless Center.

Funds are restricted to help offset any capital investment needs in the fight against COVID-19.

This is above and beyond the annual GRANT giveaway.
It's Official:
Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 our Rotary Club celebrated it's 100 year anniversary we hope you celebrated as well.


Today our own Kristen Watson, President of the Kern Community Foundation, gave a presentation about Give Big Kern. But before she got into that, she talked about a special project they are doing called "Food for the Frontline" where you can donate money to support local restaurants and emergency room staff impacted by COVID-19.
Working with Kern Community Foundation, Food for the Frontline will provide meals to Kern County emergency room staff prepared by local restaurants. The meals will be purchased and delivered with the support of community donations. Every dollar raised will feed medical personnel on the frontlines and provide assistance to the small businesses and employees impacted by the statewide quarantine.

Give Big Kern:

In these dark days of the COVID-19 crisis, Give Big Kern offers bright hope to Kern County nonprofits! Our very own local “One Day to Celebrate the Giving Spirit of Kern County!” provides an IDEAL, ONLINE, SOCIAL-DISTANCING-COMPLIANT, FUN way to bring all of Kern County together as one community, raising dollars and volunteer hours for local nonprofits through a 24-hour crowd-funding campaign taking place on May 5 (TOMORROW). BUT, to help address immediate needs, this Giving Day portal will go live to start receiving donations on April 5 and remain open till May 6.

Please help nonprofits that are in the trenches now, providing much-needed assistance to our most vulnerable community members.

We had a good virtual group on Thursday! Lots of new faces.
Garro, holed up in his man-cave.
"Think Big" and "Give Big" are two of Kristen Watson's favorite mottos.
"Most creative background" goes to Justin Leland. Shown here taking Freddy Mercury's spot with Queen.
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