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Leslie Golich
Fun Fact:
Today is National Winnie the Pooh Day!

Important note:

Next Week’s Program is at Temblor and our very own Win Eaton will be discussing DACA.

This week's program

Invocation: Sean Kellly
Flag salute: Ken Beurmann
Song: Mike Chertok
There was lots of Good News being shared:
  • Joe Hay presented the Club with a $2,000 donation to the Waterman Foundation, the results of a very successful event held at the dealership, showing off their new showroom and the Lincoln Navigator.
  • Mary Barlow was promoting the Kern YES Program along with Steve Gibbs.  This event is a Kern County Rotary Collaborative and they are looking for volunteers.  120 students from 30 High Schools across the County will be in attendance for this event to be held on February 10thPLEASE SIGN UP TO HELP!
  • Dr. Dick O’Reilley shared the upcoming Military Officers Association event at Hodel's on February 9th, tickets are $35.00 each.
  • Garro Ellis indicated the Grant Process for the Waterman Foundation has been finalized for this year and up to $75k will be available for solar projects.
  • Kristin Barnes let us know that it is time for high school scholarships, monies will be awarded for 4 years colleges, 2-year colleges and vocational schools.  Get the word out!
  • Leslie Golich shared that today marks 30 years of Kaiser Permanente Caring for Kern County.  Kaiser Permanente saw their first patients on January 18, 1988.  Kaiser Permanente started with 4,000 members in Kern County and now provides care and coverage to nearly 108,000 members.
  • Jeff Green has retired after 27 years of dedicated, professional legal counsel to Grimmway Farms, and he is happy to have lunch with anyone that is willing to buy.
  • Andy Barkate and Roland Maier brought a peace offering to President Steve, attempting to get a free make-up after spending last week in Hawaii sipping drinks with little umbrella’s in them by the pool.  Needless to say, it didn’t work.
Our Program today was Dawn Ratliff from the Kern County Coroner’s Office.  Despite what could have been a very depressing presentation, Dawn provided us with a professional but lighthearted look into the life of a Coroner Investigator.  The Coroners’ office responds to calls 24/7/365 and there is no place they do not go.  Over the fields and through the hills and into the deserts of Kern County, they are ready to respond to unnatural deaths, some natural deaths when there is no physician of record and to those individuals with no known identity or family members.  She reminded everyone that if you go for a walk or jog in the wee hours of the morning or night, please carry identification with you.  In 2017, deaths totaled 5,763 in Kern.  Of those, 98 were homicides, 42 pedestrians, 11 from fire, 34 drownings, 105 suicides, 145 traffic fatalities and 9 train related deaths.  The Coroners primary role is to determine cause of death and manner of death.  The type of death is left to the other investigating agencies.

Visitors and Guests

  • Justin Salters, guest of Sheryl Barbich
  • Tommy Brown, guest of David Dennison
  • George Hay, guest of Dan and Joe Hay, they both should pay for George’s lunch 😊
  • Visiting Rotarians included:  Jeff Fulks (Mike Mares) and Jacque Jans (Dave Morton) from West Rotary as well as Past President Steve Gibbs from the East Club.

Photos by Girish Patel

Joe Hay presented the Club with a $2,000 donation to the Waterman Foundation.
Dawn Ratliff from the Kern County Coroner’s Office has a really great sense of humor about her job, sitting with Jeff Gutierrez.
Willieboy holds up some brochures about the the Kern YES Program.
Past president Dave Morton, received a certificate of merit for his outstanding service last season. Creepy Boy Scout, Luke Skywalker, couldn't be prouder.
Colleen McGauley and Leslie Golich bring a little sunshine to a gloomy day.
Considering their perfect attendance, Win Eaton and Rob Noriega would be perfect candidates for guest Spoke editors. Hint. Hint.
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