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Guest Spoke Editor: Justin Leland
Justin Leland, CFP®, AIF® is a registered representative, fiduciary Financial Advisor, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ PROFESSIONAL – CFP®, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, AIF®, a co-host on the Moneywise Guys Radio Show + Podcast and an Eagle Scout.


A couple of recent errors have been brought to the attention of the Spoke Staff. We sincerely apologize, and word has it, Mike Willis has offered up his resignation. Here are the following corrections:
  • Diane Duquette lead the flag salute on the October 31st meeting, not Anne Holdren.
  • Sue Benham attended the Ivy League school University of Pennsylvania NOT Penn State. Ivy League has connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism. Penn State is known for its beer-bongs.
Invocation: Ray Watson
Flag Salute: Joe Gregory
Song: Doyle Dykes and Andy Leftwich via Rick Kreiser and Guitar Masters
Greeter: Jon Sampson
Roving Mics: Michele Chantry and Diane Duquette

Good News and Announcements:

Kevin Pope reminded the club of our longstanding history with the Salvation Army, and noted that the Red Kettle Kick-Off is Thursday, Nov, 14th.
Ken Secor mentioned that his daughter is starring in a play this weekend at the Bakersfield Community Theater called Apples in Winter.
Mike Chertok plugged the Saturday Concert for Veterans at the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra.
Jeff Johnson brought up the Guitar Masters Concert at the Crystal Palace that evening.
Garro called on Hal Aaron for our "Getting Down to Business" segment. Hal was born in Oklahoma in 1928 and came to Bakersfield in time for high school. After he graduated from Kern Union High School in 1946, Hal, "worked for a few years." During this time he attended night school at Lufkin School and built his lumber business. The rest is history. Hal was sponsored into the Rotary Club of Bakersfield in 1988 by Ray Watson.
For those Rotarians wondering about the whereabouts and happenings of past member Jeff Green aka Jefe Verde, here is photographic proof of life. He was spotted at the Fresno zoo in recent weeks pushing small children out of the way so that he could get to the front of the line to feed a giraffe. When asked why he would forcibly cut in line to feed the animal, Jefe replied, "These children will have to deal with disappointment in their lives, and what better time to train them about life's unfairness than today?"


Today's program on the California Living Museum (CALM) was brought to us by Steve Sanders, Stan Eschner, Sharon Adams, and Russ Biglar. Stan Eschner was on the Board for CALM in 2001 when they had the idea for the light show. Stan regaled us with stories of stringing lights and purchasing or borrowing generators for the light show in the early days, and the partnership with Teen Challenge. 
Sharon Adams then came up to discuss CALM in more detail, and brought a guest star, Penelope the Opossum. Penelope was a bit shy and skittish. This editor doesn't think that her shyness had anything to do with being in a room with 80 complete strangers, but was brought about by being in the same room as Mike Willis, whose pantry contains the following "goods":
Penelope was pretty nervous during the rest of Sharon's remarks, but wouldn't you be too with Willie Boy in the front row drooling, and sharpening his flatware? Sharon said that CALM is one of three zoos that have Kit Foxes, and that they have been successful in breeding the little guys. The Lights at CALM brought in $350,000 and 68,000 visitors last year, and USA Today has voted it as one of the top 10 light shows in the Country! 
New animals are added to the exhibits regularly, however, most of the new animals coming are from the coastal regions for the state. This is the 17th year of the Holiday Lights at CALM, and our own Club will have our off-site meeting at CALM on the evening of December 19th.
Random photo sitting on the head table:
Karen King sits with honorary Downtown Rotarian, Rick Kreiser. Who was nice enough to loan us some Guitar Masters talent.
It's not everyday you get Grammy Award Winning Musicians to lead your opening song.  Doyle Dykes on guitar and Andy Leftwich on the fiddle.
Steve Sanders checks out Jeff Gutierrez's latest batch of selfies.
91 year old Hal Aaron shares some stories with us. And he's got a bunch of them! From rappers to hardware stores.
Guest Spoke editor asks tough questions about marsupials.
Our CALM guest reacts just like anyone else would when they realize there's an opossum on one's shoulder... "Someone get this f-ing thing off me!"
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