Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Jorge Barrientos
Invocation: Jeff Chandler
Flag Salute: Joe Gregory
Song: Mike Willis 


Jorge Barrientos
Jorge is the director of marketing and public relations at Chain | Cohn |Stiles law office. He serves on board of directors for a variety of community organizations including The Hub of Bakersfield, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (Kern County Chapter), and Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Education Foundation. When he’s not working or serving our community, you can find him traveling the world and hanging with his family, which includes wife Carla, 2-year-old son Julian, and 1-month-old daughter Gianna. 
Shawn Shambaugh
Bernie Barmann
GUESTS: VIP Guest Extraordinaire Paul Chavez and if we play our cards right, a new member.
Congrats to Andy Barkate for winning the “Guess That Dome” competition.
President Justin highlighted Martin's Meats and Deli Market on the corner of 21st and Q Street. The shop and barbecue joint regularly helps feed the less fortunate in our community and features some awesome artwork on its exterior walls.  
No good news this week! 
Cindy Pollard introduced yet another stellar program, this time featuring retired Bakersfield Police Chief Lyle Martin and Sgt. Christina Abshire. Martin continues to serve our area through various mentorships and board memberships and is adjunct faculty at Bakersfield College and CSU Bakersfield. He joined us to discuss the ins and outs of a program he created to increase leadership roles for women in law enforcement, and throughout our community. His program focuses on leading in the 21st Century, leading in a male-dominated field, and breaking through the glass ceiling, among other themes. In all, the leadership program aims to change a “culture where people didn’t feel welcome” in the police department. During a time when Martin was chief, of the 20+ posts at the department’s leadership table, zero were women.  Today, as Sgt. Abshire shared, there are 2 lieutenants, 3 sergeants, and 5 detectives.
Sgt. Christina Abshire doesn't look like she's buying the chief's laying down.
What kind of weird bro-shake are Justin and Andy Barkate sharing here?
Cindy Pollard shares some karate moves with Sgt. Christina Abshire.
Ben Stinson rockin' the mic.
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