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Mike Willis
I regret to inform my four or five Spoke readers that I lost my Spoke notes. I apologize for any inaccuracies or missing information.
Invocation: Robin Scott
Flag Salute: Matthew McConaughey
Song: Eddy Paine
Greeter: Definitely NOT Jason Cater, rather, Jim Damien
Roving Mics: Meg Ryan & Rene Zellweger

Good News & Announcements


Real fuzzy on this...
Ken Keller dominated most of the Good News segment. First- he received his Waterman Foundation certificate and pin. Congratulations.
Second, it was his birthday, so he had three options. Option one- pay $25 and everyone sings Happy Birthday. Option 2- pay $50 and nobody sings. He opted for the nonexistent Option 3- A hearty handshake from President Garro for $100. And lastly, Robin Scott presented him with a birthday cake.
Jim Damian made one last pitch for Margarita Night at the Barbich house, Wednesday, October 3 at 6pm. Then he handed out some poor quality Margaritas in a Can. Not even close to a Lou Barbich margarita!
Bob Ross was featured in "What's Working Now?" segment. Bob was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. He was the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, an instructional television program that aired from 1983 to 1994 on PBS in the United States.


An $80,000 Lincoln Aviator is parked in the middle of our meeting space. Apparently, one of the wilder Hay boys ditched it here the night before after a rager at the Silver Fox then caught an Uber home.
The anticipation was high for today's presentation about new and used cars. Every table was buzzing about what exciting information was going to be revealed. Two salesmen from Jim Burke would be presenting. None of the Hay clan were present. Probably wondering where they left their Aviator.
Well- too bad for them, because it really was a GREAT presentation!
The two guys are heavy hitters at Jim Burke. Chris Stong and Frank Thahim. Chris Strong is a natural behind the mic. His self-deprecating humor had people laughing. And there was more audience engagement than I've witnessed in a while. Chris was flooded with questions at the end of the presentation.
Chris gave us a quick bio about what he does at Jim Burke. Making it sound like he's just another used car guy. I talked to Joe on Friday because I couldn't remember the dude's names (because I lost my notes), and he said the real truth is Chris carries a TON of responsibility on his shoulders. He has unequaled access to The Jim Burke pocketbook. He goes to auto auctions to purchase stock for the Jim Burke used car lot. With the help of a Ouiji board and gifted intuition he has to decide what to buy and hope to hell he and his boys can sell it for a profit... and in a timely manner.
Frank is the "New Car" guy. He gave us a rundown on the now-abandoned Aviator in the room. Sounds like a pretty plush ride. Lincolns used to be just upgraded Fords, until this new line up. Now they're built from the ground up with all-Lincoln parts.
Ford, it seems, is pretty much getting out of the "car" business. Concentrating instead on SUVs and trucks. (The Ford F series being the most popular truck for the last decade or more)
I love my fully loaded 2014 F150 I bought at Car Max, sans depreciation. Don't hate me Joe.
DJ Garro getting into the Margarita Night spirit. Wednesday, October 3rd.
Ken Beurmann, next to Sam Newland, mowed down those three huge pieces of chicken without breaking a sweat... or gaining 4 pounds like I would. 
The face you make when you're thinking about all the money you could be making instead of being a stupid Rotary lunch. Speaking of which, they didn't eat anything. Apparently Joe Hay didn't want to be on the hook for a couple of lunches.
President Garro, Ken Keller and Jim Damian poses with our latest Paul Harris Fellow.
Apparently Smiths Bakery was all out of 4's So Ken had to settle for Senior Citizenship.
The face you make when your new wife gets frisky at a Rotary meeting.
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