Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Jim Baldwin
Roving Microphones: Mike McCoy and Steve Illingworth
Head Table: Dr. Ramesh Shah and Maestro Stilian Kirov
Program Chair: Jim Damian
Invocation: President-Elect Garro Ellis

Flag Salute: Past President Bart Hill

Song/Leader: Longtime Member and Past President Ken Secor

Good News & Announcements

Congratulations to Urner’s 100th Anniversary. Steve Illingworth is donating a BBQ Grill to the Havana Nights Fundraiser….Thank You, Steve!
President-Elect-Elect, Ken Burman appeared in a photograph with three beautiful ladies (presumably at a symphony fundraiser). President Ray Watson had some questions regarding the Four-Way Test, which Ken defended himself quite successfully. Ken, who was feeling ill at last week’s meeting, then defended his SPOKE reporting to clear up any misgivings/misunderstandings regarding the accuracy of his reporting. He presented his case methodically and his witnesses back him up completely. In the final resolution of these two queries, President ensured that he would be buying tickets to Havana Nights! Thank You, Ken.
President Ray acknowledged our very special guest Past District Governor Wade Nomura and his wife Debbie. Welcome!

Program: part 1

Speakers Name: Dr. Shah Executive Director & Rotarian of Association of Indian Physicians of N. Ohio.

Program Chair Jim Damian introduced Dr. Ramesh Shah. Dr. Shah is from a Rotary Club in Cleveland Ohio, and he makes presentations to Rotary Clubs all over the USA and the world. He presented President Ray with a golf shirt from his club. Dr. Shah declared that in all of the clubs that he has visited worldwide, the Rotary Club of Bakersfield has more fun and laughs more than any! This is the club he wants to be a part of! Thank You, Doctor!

Dr. Shah and his wife (a retired pediatrician) have made more than 400 medical missions across the globe. Most of them in India to small villages. The people in these villages have very little money and could NOT afford the bus fare to a large city to get help for their medical needs i.e. surgeries, diabetes treatments, eye and ear care for blindness and hearing loss that could often be prevented, reversed or halted with medical access.

Starting with Past Presidents Dave Morton and Steve Roach, and continuing with President Ray these leaders of our Club along with Past District Governor Wade Nomura have pushed and inspired our Club to apply, apply again and reapply some more for R.I. TRF Rotary Foundation’s Global Grant for $100,000 to sponsor the medical/surgery mission to Gandevi, Gujarat (state) (population less than 16,000), Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore), Karnataka and Ludhiana, Punjab, India from January 11-29, 2019.

The pictures and the number of people and procedures that were accomplished by the medical team are astounding. Jim Damian received special recognition from President Ray as Dr. Al Patel along with Mayor Goh presented special plaques to President Ray Watson, Past District Governor, Wade Nomura and Jim Damian for their tenaciousness and resolve to see this through. Thank You ALL!

The program: part 2

Speakers name: Stilian Kirov, conductor of the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra


Then Program Chair Jim Damian Introduced the Maestro of the Bakersfield Symphony Stilian Kirov.

Stilian also conducts the Illinois Philharmonic in the Chicago Area and Symphony In “C” in the Philadelphia Area. As Stilian took the microphone, Jim Damian gave him a perfectly timed “sound bump” to get the Maestro’s presentation of on the right musical note.

Why have Classical Music in a city? Better Yet….Why have to pay to have Classical Music in Bakersfield? And…maybe the bigger question….Why pay to go to the Symphony on a Saturday night after a long week at work when you can sit at home for free and watch the “Family Guy”?

Thus, was the foundation of Stilian’s principle that Life Style is a community’s key to success, and access to the arts is what sets communities apart. Classical Music takes your intellect on a different enlightened understanding of how solutions are discovered, by way of your emotions and the creative side of your brain. Many studies have been made to verify this. Cities that are populated with enlightened citizens are seen to be sophisticated are considered to be better educated and are a bigger draw to similar people. 

Stilian gave an example of Venezuela making the decision to spend all of the money and property seized in their war on drugs into starting and developing Youth Orchestras in cities across Venezuela. The impact has been astounding.

As the arts grow and are nurtured the culture of a community grows, the perception of our city changes and many social problems are solved. The ultimate results are a better Bakersfield!



Two years ago Sandhya lost her leg. Thanks to Dr. Shah and Rotary, she took her first steps with her new prosthetic leg. “I am happy, I can walk, I can go to work, my family is very happy.”
Al Patel presented special plaques to Jim Damian and Past District Governor Wade Nomura.
Al Patel, Mayor Karen Goh and Maestro Stilian Kirov are making a difference locally and abroad.
These three heavyweights make things happen in Downtown Rotary; Kristin Barnes, Ray Watson and Tracy Kiser.
Dr. Shaw presented president Ray with a cool commemorative shirt.
Ken Secor wears his dark glasses on his head like a Boss.
Joe Gregory just says "no" to Willieboy's offer of some banana cream pie.
Sam Newland tries to convince travel veterans, Jeff Gutierrez and Jeff Green, that his bike path map is the Camino de Santiago.
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