Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Nik Boone
Invocation – Win Eaton
Flag solute – Nik Boone

Spoke Profile- Nik Boone

Nik is the owner of Ascend Real Estate and Property Management and he claims to be the youngest Rotarian in Kern County. So it’s no wonder he was featured on the cover of Bakersfield Life Magazine and even has his own personal website & blog.

Good news and announcements

Guests- Amy smith, Deb linden, Jennifer Sampson
President Ken explained the term "clap back".
"To respond quickly to critical remarks or unfair treatment."
We recapped the margarita party and what a great hit it was. Thank you to all who attended!
We were the self-proclaimed Best of Paul Harris Fellows in the District, and most creative for delivering Paul Harris awards.
Amy Smith announced that Via Arte is still going strong and she still has some sponsorship squares available!
Mayor Goh 11 years downtown rotary
Steve Sanders 22 years with downtown rotary
Jennie Sampson has an artbook book out titled “Cut it Out”, featuring her amazing collages. Purchase it on Amazon!
Deb Linden awarded a highly coveted "People of Action" award to Jon Sampson who is the foundation behind the technology of all of our meetings, making sure everything is running perfectly and seamlessly for all members to access meetings and parties on and offline!
The District Governor was impressed with our season recap videos, featuring, among other things;
Ray Karpe’s dogs enjoying a nice book reading. Kristen Watson doing some gardening and Ray golfing. Mike Willis enjoyed a new beverage to kill the virus.


Deb Linden- Governor of Rotary District 5240 for 2020/2021
Amy Smith introduced Deb Linden, who started off as a Sheriff and quickly became the Police Chief of the SLO police department. Deb holds a bachelor from UCSB, Deb joined Rotary of SLO in 2003. Married to Bill for 24 years with two adult sons.
We were asked to imagine what Bakersfield would be like without the Downtown Rotary Club. We were reminded of how important Rotary is even during these trying times. This year’s theme is “Rotary Opens Opportunities”
Three essential elements
Growing rotary is our #1 priority because of our declining membership rate in North America and our district. New satellite clubs have started with an emphasis on niches that might be overlooked. Members are encouraged to share any thoughts on overlooked groups with Deb, Ken or Amy.
Deb encouraged us to continue taking care of our members, offering value, especially to millennials, and helping others in our community.
The TRF Challange- Deb announced a $52.40 challenge wants to get everyone to contribute to this new fund
Polio Update
  • 2.5 billion Vaccinations have been given worldwide
  • 1.8 Billion dollars rotary has raised and donated for polio
  • 2 countries left that have not been eradicated yet, Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Nigeria is now officially declared Polio free!
  • 17.4 million People would be paralyzed today had it not been for our polio plus campaign.
The first-ever woman Rotary International president will be coming to office this year!
Rotary conference this year will be Virtual and only $25 for the whole conference.
Next week Cathy Abernathy will bring a panel along with ballot proposition explanations.
The most serious face president Ken has ever worn... or gas.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Lou Barbich
October 1
Jim Clark
October 2
Bryan Burrow
October 3
Horace Mitchell
October 4
Steve Loyd
October 13
Karen Goh
October 15
George Granger
October 19
Randy Saunders
October 19
Steve Williford
October 24
Kristen Beall
October 27
Garro Ellis
October 31
Jeff Chandler
October 31
Spouse Birthdays
Brenda Baldwin
October 1
Kimberly Whealy-Kennemer
October 1
Signee L. Hoffman Swartley
October 19
Nikolas Boone
Mackenzie Boone
October 21
Join Date
Karen King
October 2, 2008
12 years
Ken Beurmann
October 3, 2013
7 years
Nikolas Boone
October 4, 2018
2 years
Karen Goh
October 8, 2009
11 years
Steve Sanders
October 8, 1998
22 years
Lizette Patterson
October 10, 2019
1 year
Steve Chen
October 12, 2017
3 years
Ben Stinson
October 13, 1983
37 years
John Farrer
October 13, 1997
23 years
Win Eaton
October 13, 2011
9 years
Bart Hill
October 14, 1993
27 years
Chad Tongco
October 17, 2015
5 years
Harvey J. McCown
October 17, 1991
29 years
Jon Sampson
October 17, 2015
5 years
David Denison
October 22, 2015
5 years
Jim Black
October 22, 1998
22 years
Rick Montoya
October 24, 2019
1 year
Jack Gotcher
October 26, 2006
14 years
Hal Aaron
October 27, 1988
32 years

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Bakersfield North

at the Petroleum Club

Wednesday @ noon
Bakersfield West
at the Stockdale Country Club

Wednesday @ 6:45 am
Bakersfield Breakfast

at the Petroleum Club

Wednesday @ 6 pm
Bakersfield Twilight

at The Mark

Bakersfield  Downtown
at the Museum of Art

Friday @ noon
Bakersfield East

at Bakersfield Museum of Art

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