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Leslie Golich
Our meeting this week was held off-site at CALM.  We had a small group but those of us that were there had a great time.  Thanks to Steve Sanders for hosting us!

Good News and announcements

Jim Fillbrandt shared a good news announcement by thanking Ben Stinson for his generous donation to the community in the form of $1,000 grants (totaling $90K) to local non-profits.
Prayer was led by Kristen Barnes, Pledge by Jordan Kaufman, and song by Garro Ellis.
Steve shared with us that all the animals and plants you see around CALM are indigenous to California.  All the animals at CALM are unable to be returned to the wild for many reasons.  These could include injuries or when they become “imprinted.”  We learned that the term “imprinted” means that the wild animal now sees the humans that have rehabbed them back to health as their “parents” so putting them back into the wild would be dangerous because they lose many of the survival skills needed to survive in the wild. 
Lana Fain spoke to us about some of the important things that happen at the zoo.  They have a breeding program for Big Horn Sheep which is an effort to keep them from going extinct.  They also often have owls nesting in the trees but do not inform the public because it can place their breeding programs in jeopardy if too many people are watching them and “getting in their space.”  Lana had Drako the Owl with her during the program.  Drako is a Great Horned Owl and these Owls are often referred to as “Tigers of the sky” because they are so strong, they can pick up a rabbit or other animal and scoop them up while still flying.
CALM is always in need to docents and volunteers.  Upcoming fundraising events include Boo at the Zoo and Holiday Lights.
Everyone was encouraged to stay and take a train ride and walk around the grounds to gain a better understanding of all that CALM has to offer.

Visitors & Guests

  1. Dave Blanco (Evelyn Johnson)
  2. Jane and Janie Atkinson (Mel Atkinson)
  3. Sean Green (Jim Fillbrandt)
  4. Norma Eaton & Roselly Harman (Win Eaton)
Lana Fain shows off one of the zoo's Great Horned Owls.
Jeff Gutierrez, Dave Morton and Brad Barnes enjoy the scenery and a tasty lunch.
Beth Pandol and Jordan Kaufman soaking it in.
John Brock sat with Evelyn Johnson and her guest Dave Blanco.
AS SEEN AT THE FAIR: Here's something to make Vince and Kevin's heads grow two sizes bigger. The kicker? A first place ribbon.
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