Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Leslie Golich
Invocation: Kevin Pope
Flag Salute: Ken Beurmann saved the day when Chad Tongo didn’t show up
Song: Pete Pankey, where was Eddie Paine?
Greeter: Jeff Chandler
Roving Mics Kristen Beall-Watson and David Weldon

Guest Spoke Editor Profile

Leslie Golich is the Director of Public Affairs and Brand Communications for Kaiser Permanente. She became a member of THE Rotary Club of Bakersfield in 2015.  She serves on a number of non-profit boards and enjoys volunteering in the community. She also enjoys supporting local theatre and swims for the Gold Wave Master's Program at CSUB.  She and her husband Greg have been married for 36 years and they have 2 grown children.
  • Amy Constantine was the guest of Jared Cope
  • Jon Sampson brought Daniel Cater, Jason’s older brother
  • Bart Hill’s guest was his lovely wife Napier
  • Ed Western’s guest was John Doherty
  • CSUB President Zelenzy brought 3 guests – Victor Martin, Seung Bach and Angappa Gumasakaren
What Happened this day in History?  President James Garfield died after only 4 months in office, as he succumbed to wounds inflicted by an assassin 80 days earlier on July 2, 1881.  His assassin was an attorney and political office-seeker named Charles Guiteau.  When his requests for an appointment were ignored, he stalked the President and shot him twice in the back.  Alexander Graham Bell, who was one of Garfield’s physicians, tried to use an early version of a metal detector to find the bullet lodged in his groin but was unsuccessful.
Good News and Announcements:
  • Kevin Pope received his Paul Harris Fellow today
  • Charlie Moe bragged on his daughter, and rightfully so.  His daughter is the Brand Manager for the NFL and will also be the marketing promoter for the Super Bowl.  In lieu of a fine, Charlie is to obtain 2 tickets to the Super Bowl for President Ellis.
  • Pete Pankey’s mom just turned 102!

Getting Down to Business with Charlie Moe: 

Charlie did not recall why this day was so special!  He joined the Club on this day in 2007.  He also has a birthday this month.  Charlie was born and raised in Bakersfield and is the youngest of 6 boys.  He earned his bachelor’s from Chapman University and has a master’s degree in organizational development and HR Management.  His career has included working in Cable TV, Cellular Service and no he works in AG.


Today’s program was provided by Lori Wear who is the curator of Collections at the Kern County Museum.  She walked us through 1960’s architecture in Bakersfield.  Some highlights included the following:  The Civic Auditorium was completed in 1962 and we began to see round style buildings and the Auditorium even included some “outer space” elements.  Valley Plaza was completed in 1967, Ming Avenue was renovated when the mall was built.  There were several high schools that were built during this time (West High, North High, and Foothill) and they also incorporated round, outer space, attributes.  We also saw the introduction of angled roofs, flat roofs, and interior courtyards.  Eddy & Paynter were the most significant architects during this time.
Learn more!
If you’d like to learn more about the architecture of downtown Bakersfield, you can join Lori on a walking tour on Saturday, October 5th from 10:00am - Noon.  Contact her at the Kern County Museum for more details. Or call (661) 437-3330.
Don’t forget about the Margarita Party at the lovely home of Lou and Sheryl Barbich on October 2nd.
Charlie did not recall why this day was so special!  He joined the Club on this day in 2007. 
Lori Wear from the Kern County Museum talked about mid-century architecture in Bakersfield.
Rubbery chicken and shoe-leather tender pork... but, hey, we got a ferris wheel.
Kevin Pope gets a Paul Harris Fellow certificate and pin, as well as a hearty handshake from Jim Damian.
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