Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Nik Boone
Invocation: Toni Harper 
Flag Salute: Ken Beurmann
Song: Signee Hoffman
Greeter: Michael Lightfoot
Roving Mics: Justin Leland

Good News & Announcements

On this day in 1920, prohibition went into effect, a suggestion to celebrate with a cocktail was on everyone's mind. 
Ray Watson announced Sue Benham is now working with him at Uniglobe. Congratulations Sue!

We watched a video in German about Rotarians helping Uganda with clean water solutions. Although no one could understand what was being said, we all got a good vibe from it.

Larry Reider reminded us about the upcoming business leadership conference. He still needs volunteers!

Dr. Patel now owns Sundale Golf Course. 
Congratulations to new Paul Harris Fellows:-
Michael Lightfoot, Nik Boone, Andrae Gonzales and Sam Newland
Paul Harris x2
Also, congratulations to repeat Paul Harris Fellows, David Oliver and Justin Leland


Madelyn Abernathy did a performance on the Challenger tragedy from the point of view of stand-by astronaut and teacher, Barbara Radding. She was the alternate astronaut for Christa McAuliffe if Christa was unable to make the Challenger launch.
We learned how Richard Feynman, the lead investigator of the Rogers Commission Report,  found out about issues days before the explosions regarding some O-Rings that froze when they were at 22 degrees the night before.
Just what DID happen?
The Rogers Commission Report found that the Challenger accident was caused by a failure in the O-rings sealing the aft field joint on the right solid rocket booster, causing pressurized hot gases and eventually flame to "blow by" the O-ring and contact the adjacent external tank, causing structural failure. The failure of the O-rings was attributed to a design flaw, as their performance could be too easily compromised by factors including the low temperature on the day of launch.

Bart Hill-brought his wife Napier
Jordan Kaughman guest was wife Kristen
Bart Hill moderated the presentation and shared lunch  with Ms. Abernathy on the dias.
A couple we haven't seen in awhile, Evelyn Johnson and Greg Gallion share a laugh.
Two-time Paul Harris Fellow, David Oliver, is super stoked about his pin!
Ken Beurmann bagged another potential new member. Announcement coming soon. Sheryl Barbich look out!
Girish Patel will soon be giving golf lessons at his new semi-private golf course in Kern City.
Jim Damian discusses the merits of serving Hodel's Secret Salad concoction with one of the servers.
Madalin Abernathy portrayed Barbara Radding, standby astronaut for the Space Shuttle Challenger.
Here, Barbara Radding looked on in horror as the Space Shuttle exploded.
She also played the part of Richard Feynman, the lead investigator of the Rogers Commission Report.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Douglas A. Hayward
January 3
Lizette Patterson
January 6
Mel Atkinson
January 6
Jay L. Rosenlieb
January 7
David R. Lampe
January 8
Pete Pankey
January 9
Larry E. Reider
January 25
Kevin McCarthy
January 26
Michael George
January 26
Buzzard Busby
January 29
Ben Stinson
January 31
Spouse Birthdays
Kelly Lightfoot
January 19
Bob Allison
January 19
Kristin Hagan
Chris Hagan
January 29
Ray Watson
Marlene Watson
January 29
Join Date
Evelyn R. Johnson
January 1, 1958
62 years
Brad Hannink
January 2, 1997
23 years
Leslie Golich
January 8, 2015
5 years
Rylan Rozell
January 10, 2019
1 year
Stan Eschner
January 10, 1986
34 years
Shawn P. Kelly
January 12, 1995
25 years
Bob Sheldon
January 15, 1987
33 years
Bob Allison
January 19, 1989
31 years
Bernie Herman
January 22, 1987
33 years
Jim Blom
January 23, 1986
34 years
Lou Barbich
January 24, 1996
24 years
Thomas Hoffmann
January 24, 2013
7 years
Ray Watson
January 26, 1984
36 years
Morgan Clayton
January 30, 1992
28 years

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