Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Mike Willis
Invocation:  Lizzy Beurmann
Flag Salute: Matt Beurmann
Song: Abigail Beurmann

Good News & Annoucements:

Back at the ice-cool BMOA and good ol' Hodel's food.
We were forced to watch another "feel-good" Beurmann video of him and his wife (then girlfriend) caught on a Kiss Cam at a Dodger Game. Gag.
Doug Pierce avoided a fine by bringing Ken a gift back with him from his trip to Mexico. Enjoy that empty Corona bottle Ken!
Then Ken ran some re-run videos from past Zoom meetings.
So, basically, redheads are wussies.
Garro's daughter got married last week. Congratulations.
Girish Patel thanked the club for using the Petroleum Club, which allowed us to meet in person 3 months earlier than was expected. Then on top of that, he donated $5000 to the Waterman Foundation! Thanks, Dr. Patel- you are too generous!
The incoming board has voted to drop missed meeting fees and in its place, they are raising dues $15 to $120. This is the first time in 15 years the dues have been raised.
Kevin Pope got reassigned to the Salvation Army in Alaska. Sounds like a promotion to me! Good luck Ken.


California National History Day winner, Alex Fan was our guest today. He is a junior at Centennial, won the California National History Day competition in the Senior Individual Performance category with his project "The Pentagon Papers: The Right of Communication On Trial."
Fan, a junior at Centennial, won a special award for competing at the state level for his sixth year. He also won for his Senior Individual Performance category for his project "The Pentagon Papers: The Right of Communication On Trial.
Fan's project included a performance centered around three main actors in this crucial moment of history: Daniel Ellsberg, who released the papers; New York Times correspondent Neil Sheehan; and President Richard Nixon. 
Fan said his project tried to demonstrate the conflict between the two camps at the peak of the Vietnam War. Ellsberg became a whistleblower when he realized that government officials were lying about the failure of the war. Nixon represented a long line of administrations who didn't want to admit defeat. When the New York Times won the right to publish the Pentagon Papers in court, it was a victory not just for the free press at home but for countries around the world.
Fan gave special thanks to his coaches, who include Gigi Maurer and the late John Hefner, a retired educator and proponent of National History Day in Kern County.
My view of Alex's presentation. It's like staring at the sun.
Lizzy Beurmann gets a comforting hug from mom after her touching invocation.
Alex had some pretty elaborate props.
Abigail played "My Country Tis of Thee" like a champ.
Good turnout, I hope the "no penalty for missing a meeting" rule doesn't encourage people to miss meetings!
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